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If One Simply Focuses In Developing Their Inner Self And Intuition, One Can Become A Psychic

Every one of us has psychic ability which can be developed with a little effort. The only basic qualification is to have the will power, dedication, focus and perseverance.  We too can divine the future like the psychics, talk with the spirits of the dead ones and locate the lost people and objects.

Here are a few simple steps to become a psychic:


The first and foremost step is to meditate daily. Meditation relaxes our mind and body and develops the power of concentration and visualization. You can learn meditation from an experienced teacher or learn it on your own by listening to audio CDs or reading books on meditation.

Crystal gazing

Take a bowl of water, a crystal ball or any glass like smooth and round object. Draw the shades on the windows to make the room dim and create a peaceful ambience. Sit cross legged on the ground, calm up your mind by taking in a few deep breaths.

Now gaze into the crystal ball or similar other medium while continuing to breathe deeply. Try to keep your mind away from the distracting thoughts and concentrate on the crystal ball.

Try to hear the silence in the room and connect with it. Now, look deeply into your mind. Listen to the sounds if any. Check your thoughts and try to weed out the negative thoughts. Try to see the visions in the bowl of water or the crystal ball. Do not create wishful pictures on your own. Just try to see dispassionately and objectively.

Initially the visions would appear and vanish. They may even be hazy and unidentifiable. The sounds or voices too may be crazy or unclear.

 It would be difficult at the initial stages, but will become easier with the passage of time and continuous practice. The sounds and images will become clearer.

Record your impressions or experiences on your note book. This will help you to improve upon your achievements. Discuss your experiences with veteran psychics and see how you can improve your performance.



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