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How to Unleash your Spiritual Psychic Abilities

According to experts of psychic phenomena, each one of us possesses some form of psychic ability. However, only a few people have the skill, and patience, to fully harness and use these special psychic skills and powers. But with the right training, mentoring and attitude, one can be able to unlock and utilize their innate psychic skills. Below are a number of helpful tips on how to fully unleash and make good use of your spiritual psychic abilities. 

Accept Your Skills

Veteran psychics continually stress that one of the first major steps towards unleashing your spiritual psychic talents is by fully accepting that you have it in you.  The problem with some people is that they either do not believe in psychic spirituality, or they have a lot of doubts in their head about how to unlock these special abilities. Thus,  they are unable to unleash their full psychic potentials. As soon as you fully accept, and allow your intuition to unleash these special psychic powers, you will be able to reach full psychic spirituality, although this will take a lot of dedication and constant practice.   The first step in tapping and fully unleashing your psychic skills, is by accepting that you have it in you.

Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Once you’ve accepted that you have psychic abilities, it’s now time to start building the foundations, by understanding what you have, and try to dig deeper into your subconscious. You could do this by meditating every day, and allow your mind to free itself of all worries and negative ideas, and then allow it to wander aimlessly in the universe.  

Get A Mentor

By asking for help and guidance from a psychic mentor, the aspiring or budding psychic will be able to learn the fundamentals of his or her psychic powers. The mentor can also coach his or her subject or student on how to use their psychic powers or skills properly as well as ethically, and for the good of mankind.


As an old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. This also applies for aspiring psychics. So regardless of whether you have clairvoyance, telekinetic or mediumship abilities, nothing will take the place of constant studying, and practice. Practice is what fine-tunes your supernatural abilities, and it will also help you understand where your strengths, weaknesses and other areas of improvement are, and it will most certainly make you become a very good psychic reader or healer.    

Learn To Focus And Meditate

Another way for unleashing your full spiritual psychic skills is through meditating regularly. Through meditation, the individual will be able to strengthen mind, body and soul.  There are different meditation techniques available today.  Some mix meditation with other relaxation techniques like yoga, while others combine meditation and visualization techniques. Before meditating, reserve a room or a secluded corner at home for your daily meditation rituals.  The room should be far from outside noises or distractions, and must also be clean, relaxing and well-ventilated.  As soon as you meditate, you will slowly be able to feel the connection between your common, and spiritual self. And by enhancing these vital connections, you will soon be able to unlock your innate psychic abilities.

Be More Aware Of Your Surroundings

Another way for unlocking, and enhancing, you spiritual psychic abilities, is by being more aware of your environment, and surroundings. For example, each time you wake up in the morning, lie in bed for a couple of minutes, close your eyes, and notice the sounds that you hear outside, as well as notice as many textures and smells as possible. It would also be helpful if you try walking on the beach, or the public park early in the morning, and feel the breeze, or enjoy the natural sights. Notice the sounds that you hear, whether it’s the rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds or insects, as well as the noise of motor vehicles outside. Next, try noticing and feeling as many textures and smells, and try walking in your neighborhood, or sit in the park, and enjoy the natural sights and sounds. If you do this regularly, you will be able to slowly sharpen your visualization and listening skills, as well as further enhance your awareness of your surroundings.   You will slowly be able to develop your listening and visualization skills, and be on the way towards fully increasing your psychic spirituality.    Like everything else in life, the job of sharpening your psychic abilities will take a lot of patience, training and constant practice. By having a positive attitude, and by getting help from a mentor, fully unleashing your psychic potentials should be a much easier task.

And once you meditate, or be more aware of your surroundings, it would be helpful if you keep a journal with you, so that you can record any image, vision or random thought that appears in your mind. By having a written journal of your thoughts and impressions, you will be able to spot any evolving patterns, which at first seem random or unimportant, but will slowly reveal recognizable thoughts and ideas.

Is Training Necessary?

Everyone has a psychic ability but yes, training is still necessary. If you are asking why training is necessary then maybe you should also ask why music students go through years of schooling just to learn something they know. Music students know that their skill needs fine tuning.

Psychic ability is innate in everyone but it needs to be developed. Psychic training can help you understand the cores of being a psychic. It can help you lay the foundation. It can even help you have insight on what lies ahead if you really do become a psychic. It can help you be sure. You cannot pretend that you know everything about psychic because no one does. Being a psychic and its abilities are forever a mystery even to those who have trained all their lives.

Psychic training is important because when you are psychic, you are not just responsible for yourself anymore. You will belong to two different realms. You should learn to live with respect and gratitude. You should also be sensitive but upfront, you should be honest but not naïve. There are so many things to know especially in dealing with other people. It is hard to everything on your own that is why psychic training with professional psychics is strongly advised.

You cannot perform proper psychic techniques without years of training. Maybe you can do some but it will only appear as entertainment as even you know you do not have enough training and experience to back it up. Being a psychic is more than guessing what cup the ball is in or guessing the weather for the day. Psychics are respected individuals. Their readings are sought after. If you will claim you are psychic without training then you are staining the reputation of good and credible psychics.


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