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How To Understand The Art of Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot cards, along with horoscopes and other divination tools, are very endearing mediums. These can be used for reflection, guidance and wisdom.  According to tarot experts, each car holds a very powerful and deep meaning, and the cards itself too are exquisite art forms , which require patience and special skill to master.  Here are a number of helpful tips on how to understand the art of reading tarot cards.   

The Three Basic Steps For Reading Tarot Cards
According to long-time tarot advocates,there are three basics steps for reading tarot cards properly.  First, you need to formulate a very significant question in your mind, or your client's mind.  Next, shuffle the cards, and once you're done shuffling, the next step would be to lay out the cards in a specific “spread'.  Next, you interpret the story of the cards once it is revealed to you. In formulating a question, you need to remember that it should be one that the universe can answer, and don't simply formulate haphazard or nonsense questions.  A lot of thought needs to be given to the question, and you also need  to endear yourself to the question.  You should also carefully consider the shuffling of the cards, because it will determine which cards will be drawn, and what answer will be given to you.
Learn The different Card Spreads
In reading tarot cards, there are different layouts to consider and learn about. For you to know which type of spread to follow, you'll need to first know what type of question you are asking. This is because a certain question will respond more accurately with a specific spread.  Once the cards are shuffled, the reader will lay out the cards in a pattern called a “spread. Each position in a spread usually has its own meaning.  Some card spreads focus on a specific type of information, such as love or emotional matters, while some spreads focus on work and careers.  One of the most popular spreads today is the Celtic Cross spread.  
How To Get A Tarot Card Reading
Today, there are a lot of ways for getting a tarot card reading.  You could have your fortunes revealed or predicted over the telephone, or on the Internet as well.  You could also get a direct card reading from a professional tarot expert. If you choose to have a tarot reading online, the tarot cards on the Web are usually shuffled by a computer, and the answer you get will only be from a universal or broader aspect, unless you're getting a reading from a live tarot chat room with a real psychic.  When getting a tarot reading over the phone, the reader will shuffle the cards for you, and the reader's spirit will also take part in the card's interpretation, in the same way as getting a one-on-one reading from a tarot expert.  
In reading a tarot card, you also need to remember that there can be two meanings to the cards you have drawn.  The meaning can be interpreted in two ways –  intuitive meaning, and surface meaning.  You need to know the basic, and advanced terms of each meanings, if only to properly interpret each card spread.  While reading tarot cards may seem complex and puzzling, once you learn the basics, as well as the short-cuts,  It can be a very interesting and heart-warming experience.


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