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How To Understand A Love Tarot Reading

Tarot cards have been used for centuries, from the ancient times to the Medieval periods, up to the modern age.  Tarot cards offer both rich symbolism and an in-depth analysis of a person's life, provided that the reading is done by a professional reader.  Majority of those who want to get a Tarot reading want to know what the future brings them in terms of career options, financial and health implications, as well as forecasts on romance and marriage.  If you're heading to the psychic to get a love tarot reading, here are a number of essential ideas to keep in mind.

Can A Tarot Really Uncover All Areas In A Relationship?

A tarot card, according to psychic experts, can help partners or couples identify the major issues that are going on within both partners.  The tarot can help identify each  person's expectations, emotional development, as well as past experiences that are  projected into the relationship. It can also help the couple identify what needs to be done to bring back harmony into the relationship.  And best of all, the Tarot card is a tool which enables both partners to access their unconscious and inner self.

What Happens During A Love Reading?

When a person asks the Tarot about questions on romance and relationship, the reader will have an easy time spotting the answers, as each of the cards often reflect vital areas or aspects, which require the subject to look within himself, to make important decisions.  And while the Tarot will not dictate what to do, or what next step to take, it will only reflect the person's level of emotional development and personal growth. The Tarot can only help the individual, or the couple, identify the road blocks and potholes that can derail the relationship.

A Sample of Tarot Card Meanings

The tarot card  comprises 78 cards.  Fifty-six of these are called the Major Arcana, and the remaining 22 are called the Minor Arcana.  The Minor Arcana are divide into four suits, which represent every aspect of  human life.  These are the pentacles, wands, Swords and Cups.  The Suit of Cups is often used to depict relationship issues. By dividing the Minor arcana into four distinct suits, the reader can get a comprehensive interpretation of the person's life and issues. Each of the Major Arcana on the other hand, depicts or represents a scene, which mostly features a person or several persons, with lots of symbolic elements. 


The Hermit, Death, And Two Swords

The Hermit tarot card is often depicted as the seeker of truth and wisdom, and this wisdom is the one that's within each one of us. The Hermit is also identified as the Advisor, or the Wise Old Man, who is the messenger of truth or the transporter of light, and reveals the importance of circumspection and forethought.  The Death card may obviously seem frightening, but if you look at it from a much larger perspective, it won't seem that terrifying anymore.  In a Tarot reading, the Death card simply shows that another life cycle has ended, and a new cycle has begun. The Death card can also mean the completion of a relationship. The Two Swords card is often linked with rejection, as it depicts a lady holding two swords while blind-folded. This card is also associated with the inability to make important decisions or choices.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


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