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How to Successfully Unleash your Clairvoyant Skills

Clairvoyance is a French term that’s derived from two different words, and literally means “clear seeing”.  Clairvoyance also refers to the ability to predict future events, as well as a receive messages from the spirit world, through other means aside from using the basic human senses. Veteran psychics agree that clairvoyance itself is an ability that anyone can develop and use, depending on the person’s patience and determination. Here are a few helpful ideas on how to successfully unleash your clairvoyance skills.   

Step 1: Gain A Full Understanding Of What Clairvoyance Means

The first step towards exploring, and unleashing your clairvoyance skills, is by first gaining an understanding of what it means is, and how works.  One of the first manifestations of clairvoyance includes having a sudden, “intuitive” knowledge of things or events that are not visible to the naked eye, or visions of events or occasions that have not happened yet. The person must understand that if he or she is truly bent on developing their clairvoyance skills, then they should learn how to use it to understand things that they cannot see, as well as to foresee and understand things or events that have not happened yet.  

Step 2: Learn To Meditate

Once a person is able to fully unleash his or her clairvoyance skills, he or she will become more sensitive to the energies around them.  One good way for sharpening your clairvoyance skills is by regularly meditating.  Find a place or room for conducting the meditation routine.  The room should be secure and far from any outside noises. Meditate for at least thirty minutes a day. This should be your quiet time, and you must not let any distractions, activities or other worries get in the way.  You must also learn how to avoid negative energies, as well as steer clear of people, places or things that have negative tendencies, because you may be able to absorb them.

Step 2: Visualize

There are a number of visualization exercises that are great for use by those who wish to develop their clairvoyance skills. Here’s one exercise.  First, imagine yourself holding seven colored balloons (yellow, red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet).  Second, loosen the balloons one by one, starting with the green balloon, and watch it float up in the sky.  Third, release the other balloons one by one, and watch tem float aimlessly. While visualization may seem tough for most, with constant practice though, you will slowly be able to master it.   

According to psychic experts, any activity or exercise that uses visualization techniques would be beneficial for enhancing one’s clairvoyance skills, because our imagination is actually the main tool that the spirits use to convey information, which often comes in the form of images or visions.  And as soon as the person’s imagination gets sharper and more creative, it will be much easier for the spirit, as well as for other paranormal energies or forces, to send you clearer images and visions. And once you receive an image or a vision from spirits, remember that you’re not in full control of it, because it will appear in your “third eye”, without any active participation from you.  



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