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How to Spot a Scam Free Psychic Reading

Not all psychic readers are genuine or true. There are some who are pretending to be a psychic in order to make something for a living. If you do not know how to spot a scam free psychic reading, the reading that you received can either make or break your life. It is then best to know some techniques in spotting a fake psychic reader.

A psychic may be a scam if what she is telling you do not make sense.

For example, if you are having a financial problem as of the moment, and the psychic told you to pack up and go for a vacation in the Caribbean, then it is time for you to use your common sense. Ask yourself, how can I go for a vacation when I do not have money? Thus, it is very important that we make use our common sense to spot a scam free psychic reading.

The psychic is telling you obvious lies.

This is an obvious indication that the psychic reader is not a genuine but a scam. For example, she is telling you that your mother is waiting for you in your house and she has even prepared a dinner for you, when in fact, your mother has passed away several years ago. If this case happens, then it is time to leave the psychic table and look for another psychic that can give you a genuine reading.

Be alerted also of scam psychic readers that are asking big amount from you.

If you are attending a free psychic reading, then not a single dollar should be taken from you. However, if what you are attending is not free, be alerted when the psychic asks a big amount of money from you. Genuine psychics need a decent living as well so they have asking fees for their services, but if one is asking too much, most likely that you're dealing with a scam reader.

However, we must understand as well that psychics also commit mistakes. Even the most skilled psychic reader commits have an 'off day'.

So, if the first reading to you seems to be inaccurate, do not jump into conclusion immediately. Ask another question about your past and analyze if the reader’s answer is somehow true. If there is truth with what she said, the first one might be a mistake only. However, if the answers to all your questions were all inaccurate, then it is time for you to be alerted and start planning to leave.

So, what do you do if you notice that the free psychic reading that you are attending is a scam?

Do not act too harshly. Calmly leave the table and ask the psychic for an apology that you can no longer continue the free reading. Do not feel bad for leaving the psychic. Feel bad for yourself instead, if you would continue to sit down and waste your time listening to her false readings to you. Behave graciously and politely leave. If what you are not attending is not a free psychic reading, leave the required amount and leave politely.



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