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How to spot a good clairvoyant

What is a clairvoyant?


A clairvoyant is a person who claims to have the ability to “see” and catch glimpses of visions, shapes, colors, images, lights and things that cannot be seen by the naked eye or by the eyesight of normal people. They perceive hidden messages, information and knowledge and sometimes, they are even applauded and trusted to find and look for missing people and lost objects.


Like any other psychic abilities, there is no scientific explanation and confirmation on how the ability of clairvoyance actually works. Despite the fact that no one could provide and show proof as to how it works and why some people possess such ability, an adequate number of the population still choose to believe and trust what the psychics, clairvoyants and mediums would have to say about their lives and their futures.


Clairvoyants rely on their gift and ability to intuitively and inherently perceive and gather information and knowledge about certain people and certain things. This allows them to get visions of the future and what it holds for a person. Although, do not assume that the see it clearly, because they do not. All they see are vague and indistinct lights, shapes, colors, symbols and images that they would have to decipher, interpret and understand in their own ways first before they relay it to the person involved.


These messages and knowledge being passed on by the clairvoyants to their clients can be taken in as advices, guidance, enlightenment and inspiration by the person being read. They can use such information to follow the path where they are destined to walk on or change their route and walk another path that could lead to a much better and improved life ahead.


What are the characteristics of a good clairvoyant?


First, you will know that a clairvoyant is an effective and reputable psychic when they have a small number of clients that they read and deal with. Why? Clairvoyants are naturally empathic people so they have the tendency to absorb everything that a person tells them, asks them or whatever information that they receive from the energy of that person. They could only take and digest so much in a day. So, good clairvoyants limit and regulate the number of clients that they read per day and they try to consume a maximum of just one hour per client.


Second, good clairvoyants are honest. They will tell you straight up what their capabilities are and if they cannot give you what you are asking for. They have intuitive abilities that allows them to receive certain information about their clients and they will well you everything that they see in you, no sugarcoating, no holding back. As a client, you must be aware that clairvoyants do not always have the answers to all of your questions and concerns.


Third, good clairvoyants are great teachers, counselors and advisors and they will always try their best to help you with your problems and issues and they will always be willing to provide and give you the motivation and inspiration that you need in order to move on with your life and achieve the happiness and success that you deserve as a person.

Lastly, good clairvoyants will never insist that you should take their advice and demand that you follow it to be happy and content. Yes, they will provide advices and answer to your issues and dilemmas but they will never push it on you, to the point that you’re more torn and unsettled on what you should do. Good clairvoyants will remind you that everything that will happen in the future still depends on you, your decisions and your choices in life. Whether or not you follow their advices, they will not shove it down you throat and condemn you for not doing so.


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