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How to Recognise Professional Mediums

Mediumship is a psychic skill that’s defined as the ability to establish contact with spirits, angels, the souls of the dead and other inanimate entities. The medium’s main role is to facilitate the communication of the spirits with ordinary people. Most mediums get into a trance, and often speak to their clients without any knowledge of what’s being said, because they allow the spirit to “take control” over their body, and speak through it. But if you’re looking for professional psychic mediums, here are a number of ways on how to recognize the real ones from the fakes.

Professional MediumsFake Mediums Ask Too Many Questions

One of the hallmarks of a fake psychic medium is that he or she does not seem to have full control over the situation, because he/she asks too many questions. While it won’t be bad if the medium asks for a few clarificatory questions from his or her client, if he/she asks too many, often unrelated questions, it will sound as if the psychic medium is just fishing for information from the clients. Some mediumship experts refer to the tactic of asking too many questions as simply doing a “cold reading”.

Fake Mediums Strike Fear Into Their Customers

Some fake psychic mediums also have this habit or striking fear in the hearts of their customers, by telling them that they’re “cursed’ or some evil spell has been cast unto them. If a certain “psychic starts his or her reading by doing this, it would be better for you to walk out of the session,  because if you fall prey to their tactics, they will certainly coax you to pay them a certain amount for the “removal” of such a curse.

Check The Body Language

Another way for determining if the psychic medium is real or not, is by looking at the person’s body language. A cold reader or fake medium will show erratic behavior, from frequently scratching his or her head, to gazing around their clients for additional clues and other weird motions. But if you’re getting a reading via email or over the telephone, it would be quite tough to determine this, because you won’t see the medium in person.

Professional Psychics Don’t Guarantee 100% Accuracy

Even the most experienced of psychic mediums will be truly honest with their customers if they cannot sense anything from the customer on certain occasions. That’s why if certain psychics guarantee “100 percent” accuracy all the time, chances are they’re just trying to coax their clients into coughing up more cash for supposedly “genuine” readings. .  

Mediumship, like other psychic forms, is never an exact science. If you crave for one hundred percent accuracy all the time, you will certainly be frustrated with some of the results. However, you need to bear in mind that psychic mediums rely greatly on their intuition, or gut feel. And harnessing one’s intuition or third eye is never an easy one, because it takes a lot of meditation, motivation and practice.   Successful mediumship session generally happens when both the medium and the client are relaxed and ready to receive any messages from the spirits, angels, demons or the souls of the departed.



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