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How to Protect Yourself from Scam Psychic Readings

Many of us want to get a Psychic Reading for a number of reasons. Therefore it is important to find out how you can prevent scam psychic reading in your search for a Real Psychic Reading.


Are you looking for free physic readings? So do I, and the other millions of people around the world. With the demand of free readings, there are millions of free readings that are being advertised. They are all over the web, the ads, and even on the posts on the neighbourhood. But, are all of these really free? Not at all, only few are actually free. Some are scams, and they are trying to get something from you. Now, how will you prevent yourself from these scam services?


First, ask your friends and families if they know a reliable and genuine psychic reader that is offering a free service. It is not bad to ask them because they might recommend you to a good psychic. If your friends and families do not know one, ask your officemate, and workmates. Even if they do not know one, their relatives may recommend someone to you. Ask and ask until you find a good and genuine psychic reader.


You can search the web as well. However, more care is needed here because you are not meeting the psychic personally. Scam readings are more on the web because you are not meeting them directly. You do not even know if they are real psychics or not. Thus, before registering into a website, do an extensive research about the website first. Type the site’s name in a search engine and read reviews and feedbacks about it. If you read negative feedbacks, forget about that site and move forward. Be patient in finding a real psychic readings website because only few are really real.


Now, you have found the psychic reader already online or personal. The reading now begins. Observe how the psychic asks you questions. If the psychic is asking you several questions, you might as well consider backing out. This is what they call “cold reading.” Cold reading is used by the fake and scam psychic readers. They will try to ask you as many questions as possible to fish out information from you. From your answers, they will formulate an answer for your question. Thus, no psychic ability was used.


Our psychics are not like those offering cold readings. They offer genuine insight and guidance on all life issues and will endeavor to assist you in making decisions and finding solutions.


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