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How To Master Tarot Card Reading

For the first-time user, a tarot card may look like a mystical, if not evil instrument, as many of the images  inscribed in each cards look like they've been drawn from the occult, or a graphic horror novel.  The truth is that tarot cards, both old and new, are full of wisdom and symbolism.  However, the tarot card's strength does not only lie in its artistic depictions or expressions.  Tarot cards actually have the ability to elicit a powerful response from those who don't even know a thing or two about Tarot history and interpretation.  Here are a some simple, easy-to-understand tips on learning to read a tarot card.    


Mastering The Tarot Requires A Lot of Practice

And just like perfecting other tasks,  tarot card reading requires a lot of practice and constant study.  First, the aspiring Tarot reader should know beforehand that he or she will need to set aside considerable time and patience in analyzing the cards. Second, the budding tarot reader should purchase or obtain a deck of tarot cards, as well as buy a book on the individual meanings of the cards.  Third, the  reader should also know how to lay-out and interpret simple tarot card spreads.   


What Comprises A Standard Tarot Deck?

The first step  in mastering the tarot is to open and individually lay out the cards.  A full tarot deck contains 74 cards.  Twenty-two of these are called the Minor Arcana, while the remaining 52 are called the Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana cards bear more weight as compared to the Minor Arcana cards, because they greatly influence the outcome of a  reading. In practicing card lay-outs, do some simple spreads. First-time users can do  the 3-card spread, as this is considered one of the easiest, and  all you need to do is shuffle the deck with the question or concern that you'd like to do the reading.  Next, tap the cards three times using your fingertips,  and then divide the deck into 3 piles.  Afterward, turn the top card over each pile, with each card noted as the Past, Present and Future spread.  The first  card relates to past issues, the second card will relate to present conditions, and the third card will represent  future concerns or issues that may occur.

Tarot cards do more than just fascinate the user with mesmerizing and mystical art works and drawings.  They too can be used as mirrors, allowing us to look into the hidden depths and crevices of our unconscious mind.  The cards also have the power to speak directly to us, even without the need for outside interpretation.  Tarot card readings also help a person bring his or her repressed desires or thought into consciousness; however the messages imparted may vary with each person, and will also vary from day to day. Learning the tarot though can be a fun and exciting activity though. The key to mastering it lies in how patient or persistent you are.  As soon as you become comfortable with reading the cards, you'll have an easier time interpreting each card's meanings.  


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