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How To Love Tarot Reading, And Fully Understand It

Whenever we hear someone mention the words astrology, horoscopes and tarot cards, the images that first conjure in  our minds are those of veiled gypsy women, holding a crystal ball and sitting in a dimly-lit tent, chanting prayers and casting spells.  Although the tarot cards may seem benign to the ordinary mortal, these tools are actually very helpful items.  Here are a number of steps on how to fully understand, and love reading the tarot.  


How The Tarot Cards Work

A complete tarot card set contains 78 cards.  Twenty-two of these are called the Major arcana, and these  have symbolic meanings which are centered on the material world, the realm of change, and the intuitive mind.  The 56 other cards are called the Minor Arcana, and are divided into 4 groups – Swords, Pentacles, Wands and Cups. Each of these four cups focus on a certain them.  For example, the Sword cards represent moral issue and conflict. The Cups represent emotion and relationships.  The Coins represent the material aspects of life like work, finance, security.  The Wands focus on things like work, ambition and activity.


A professional tarot reader will often stress that reading a tarot card is a rather deep, complex and intuitive activity.  And just like any form of divination, the cards should be used to become the focal point of your own psychic abilities.   There are a number of tarot spreads and layouts available. One of the most popular layouts is the Celtic Cross spread, while other equally-famous spreads include the Romany spread, the Zodiac method, the Tree of Life layout, the Pentagram spread.  However, one can also create his or her own layout.


How Can Beginners Use Them?

A tarot card can actually fill a wide array of needs.  One can use it as a simple hobby, or you can also turn it  into a powerful tool which could unlock the hidden thoughts and perceptions within the soul.  You can actually buy a set of tarot cards from bookstores and online shops. Once you have the card, use a cloth to wrap your hands, to keep the cards clean.  Next, season the cards by placing them under your pillow, or by placing them near your heart while you sleep.  After doing this, you are now ready to shuffle them.  Once you shuffle the deck of cards, carefully ponder on the question being asked by you or your subject,  after which you mix the cards and gather them neatly, then do a regular card shuffle.


Next, cut the deck, and have the person ask a question loudly, as he or she cuts the deck.  Deal the cards  by doing the tarot spread of your choice, although one of the simplest spreads is four cards in a diamond shape. Look at each card's design, and see if the ones you get are right side up or reversed.  A right-side up card will show a positive sign, while a card that looks upside down will have a reversed meaning, which could indicate blocked energy, or impending conflict. To gain a better understanding of the cards, make sure you fully learn each of the card meanings.  You can also come up with your own card meanings and descriptions though, if only to personalize the reading style and format.  


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