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How To Learn, And Love Tarot Reading

Tarot cards evoke images of a mysterious, magical past.  History is filled with accounts of sorcerers, witches, fortune tellers and gypsies foretelling tales of doom and redemption through the use of the tarot.  And while many people see the cards as enchanting symbols of a forgotten past, or fun tools to use with friends and family, it can actually be a very powerful medium for unlocking the mysteries of the soul, as well as for determining our fortunes.  Here are a number of helpful tips on how to learn, and love tarot card reading.      

What Makes Up A Traditional Tarot Deck?

A traditional tarot deck generally consists 78 cards. Twenty-two of these are called the Major Arcana, which bear more weight, since they have symbolic meanings that depict the intuitive mind. The remaining 56 cards are called the Minor Arcana, and these are divided into four groups – the Swords, Coins,  Wands and Cups.  Each of the four Minor Arcana groups represent a wide array of aspects, from conflict and moral issues, to security, finance, jobs and ambition.  


Familiarize Yourself With The Different Tarot Spreads

In using a tarot card, don't just think of it as a regular set of cards that you see on a standard poker game.  Each card actually has a distinctive meaning and interpretation, which can only be properly interpreted by a competent and experienced card reader. Each of the cards have their own guidelines, and a competent reader can interpret the probable outcome of the spread or deal, with the help of the mystical forces currently at work. In laying out a tarot spread, think of the process as an intuitive and  meditative one, and don't just act like you're playing in a gambling den. There are a number of spreads and layouts to follow in doing a tarot reading.  Some people prefer using complex spreads, while others simply pull 3 to 4 or 5 cards, and see which one to use.  According to tarot experts, the most popular spreads today are the Celtic Cross Method, the Tree of Life layout, the Romany spread, the Pentagram spread and the Zodiac method.  


Learning The Tarot Takes a Lot of Practice

To people who know nothing about divination, the cards may simply look like any of the props used by magicians and carnival-style fortune tellers.  However, Tarot experts and enthusiasts note that each of the cards actually have a meaning, or point of reflection, which can affect a person's spiritual and emotional standing.  Learning how to properly use the tarot though can take a lot of time and practice.  First, there are hundreds of tarot card designs to choose from.  Some cards are based on historical artworks, while some feature movie characters, legends, books, novels and  even historical figures.  If you're unsure of which deck to choose, ask for advice from tarot card experts online, or buy a tarot card-for-beginners book at the nearest bookstore.   


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