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How to know if you are in a serious relationship

Sometimes, the women in the relationship misapprehend their partners’ actions and gets the wrong idea regarding the meaning of what their boyfriends do or say to them. But you cannot blame them because men do not often say and express what they feel easily and sometimes, they even tend to keep things to themselves just so they can protect their pride. Some men find it hard to tell their girlfriends what they really mean and conceal it within a cool, casual and an easygoing act.


The women can either (1) Try to understand her boyfriend and let him just do things as to how he wants to do it and wait until she realizes that he means well for their relationship or (2) Ask them personally and have a deep talk about what he really wants to say or convey to you. Yes, in a serious relationship, men are not talkers as they are more of the doers and would rather do and act on things than talk about it but sometimes, talk is inevitable and you would really have to sit down with your woman and discuss about the important matters.


But how would you know if you are in a serious relationship? Or if it is just a short time summer fling? Here’s how you can determine if your romantic rendezvous is being taken seriously by your partner as well.


1. Once you meet the family, then that means it is something serious. Why? Because having someone over for dinner and be introduced to your parents does not really happen all the time. Especially if you know how your parents would react to the new person. They could happily welcome them in the family and embarrass you by taking out your naked baby pictures or they could raise an eyebrow and question your relationship and what your partner could contribute to the family. Well, that is just how parents are, yes? But if you partner is actually ready to face all these embarrassing things and the judgment of their parents just so they could introduce you to the whole family and legalize your relationship then that means that he is ready to be committed to you and enter a serious relationship.


2. When your partner plans an out-of-town or an out-of-country trip with you then he must be pretty serious with you and is looking forward to more things that could happen in your relationship. This just shows how committed he is when he is ready to have a vacation with only just the two of you. This could increase your closeness with each other and allow you to get to know one another without thinking about the stress and worries from your jobs and other problems. It means so much and it will make you feel so good when you know that he’d like to have a short getaway with you.


3. When he says the words “I love you” and you know and feel that he means it. Yes, this is one of the clear signs that he wants to move forward with your relationship. Not all men can say these words and if some can, they might not even mean it. If you felt that it was real when he said it then it might be genuine.


For women, it is better to wait for him to tell you that he loves you because if you went up first and told him that you love him, there is a big chance that they will also tell you that they love you even if they don’t. Most men couldn’t take it when women are hurt so they would most likely just say it back to make you feel secured and happy, even if they do not mean it.


4. When a man shows you great affection then he must really be seriously in love with you. Observe his body language and you’ll know that he’s really into you. Actions like kissing you a lot, holding your hands all the time, calling or messaging you whenever he’s got time and spending a lot of time to you when he’s free just shows how much he’s committed in the relationship.

5. You are his priority. Not all men can make their women their priority. Yes, life is hard and we have to work, work, work! But that doesn’t mean that you will stop making your woman feel that you love them. When you know how much your man is devoted to his work and still spends his free time with you to eat lunch or dinner outside or to watch a movie with you then you’ll know that he is serious with you. You can always make time for an important person in your life no matter how busy you are.


6. When you adopt or buy a pet together then that just escalates the relationship into another level. Why? These pets will be your ‘kids’ while you’re still not ready to have a family of your own. Both of you will have to take care and make time for your kids, yes? Getting a pet isn’t easy but it sure shouts “I am very serious with you so don’t leave me, okay?”.


7. Another thing that could tell you he’s serious is when he brings you to his friends’ events like their birthdays, get-together or their weddings. This just means that he is proud to have you and to be with you and that he is ready to lessen his time alone with friends because he is going to be with you at most of the parties or events that they are having.


8. Lastly, you will know that he is dead serious with you when he asks you to move in with him. This just means that the both of you are just very comfortable with each other that you are ready to take on another step in life and that is facing all the problems together. Usually, this happens when two people have been dating for the long run. This might be a good idea if you would want to learn more or everything about your partner.

Now, being in a serious relationship takes a lot of hard work and commitment and you have to have a deep understanding of things and an open mind. When you love someone, you do not have to overthink about things, just let them know how you feel and give them your all. If they cannot appreciate it then it isn’t your fault as you gave everything that you can for the relationship to prosper. There should be no borders and no limits.


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