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How to Know if You’re Dealing with a Real Psychic Medium

If you made an appointment to see a psychic medium, and by the time you’re face-to-face with him or her you suddenly feel queasy or apprehensive, you’d probably ask yourself “am I meeting with a real psychic or not?” If you don’t have an idea about how to check the credibility of a certain psychic medium, below are a number of helpful ideas on how to find out if the person you’re dealing with is a real one, or just a scam artist.  

Find Out How They Ask Questions

You can actually determine if a psychic medium is real or not, by the way he or she asks questions.  Some ask general questions, which is indicative of a reputable psychic. Some on the other hand, ask too many, often unrelated questions that are related to the customer’s employment record, bank or credit card information, in the hopes of luring the customer to cough out extra cash. 

Check If The “Psychic” Questions Everything

A genuine psychic will only require a few basic information from his or her customers. A scam artist on the other hand, will fire out lots of questions, which are often unrelated and out of line. If the psychic asks questions which are like chain-like questions that are related to the first one, then they could only be using you to fork out more details, because they really don’t have the ability to use their intuition, or they really don’t have a third eye. 

Look At The Psychic’s Eyes

Another way for determining if the psychic is credible or not, is by looking at his or her eyes. If the person is constantly staring at you, and watching your every move, chances are he or she is just trying to read or figure out your body language, and not your future.  For example, if you’re distressed or worried about something, you are more likely to scratch your head, constantly move your legs, or flip your fingers. And if you’re in love, you will definitely show it, as you’ll be constantly smiling, or you’ll easily be amused. A fake psychic is an expert at reading a person’s body language, and translating it into a fake reading. 

A genuine psychic medium will also not give a solid guarantee that they can contact your dead relatives at once, or that they can quickly get messages from the spirit world. Remember that psychics are not like light switches that can easily be turned on and off. There will be times when they just cannot provide information.   



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