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How to Identify a True Psychic Clairvoyant

Most of us are enticed and convinced that we want to take a peek in our future. We get excited and anxious to know about what is going to come to us and what the future may hold for us. We are eager to know if whether or not the souls of the people who passed away is happy, content or if they are still lost. We are thrilled and stimulated to get good advices, new insights and fresh inspirations from psychics, mediums and clairvoyants.


Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are the people who we go to when we are in doubt, fear, worried, lost and anxious. They are gifted people with intuitive abilities who would be able to help us gather knowledge and information about our thoughts, concerns, issues and problems in life. They are the ones whom we go to when we want to know about our future and when we feel like we need beneficial and useful advices regarding the relevant things that are happening today.


Some people get dependent on psychics, like they try to have a reading everyday or every other day just so they could sate the thirst for being heard and comforted. Some people use psychics to vent and release their frustrations with. They could actually become the counselors of today’s generation, with their gifts and abilities, they would be able to guide the people to the right path for a good future.




Some people are just too malicious and cruel that they use the need of people to consult with psychics and clairvoyants for their own gain and benefit. They pretend to be gifted and rip off other people for the sake of money. They give out fake readings and deceive innocent people.


Here are some things that you would want to remember to spot a fake psychic:


1. They ask too many questions. Yes, psychics and clairvoyants can ask a few questions but not to the point that they will have an idea as to who you are, how you live your life and how your relationship with other people are going because these things are what they are supposed to tell you about. If they ask too many questions then that might mean that they are fishing for information so they could revise it and tell it to you.


2. They talk about curses, jinxes, imprecations and evil things that were summoned to give you misery. No one is certain if there are curses in this world, but most of the people in this world are just living their lives without being cursed or anything likewise. Be careful especially if they demand money to lift it off you.


3. They approach you instead of doing otherwise. Although, some genuine psychics could approach you because they have felt or received an information about you while you were walking side by side, this doesn’t happen often.


4. They ask for money forthright and in advance. Payment comes after the psychic reading so if they ask and demand that you pay before the reading then something might not be right.


5. They tell you general facts and details that almost anyone could relate to. True and genuine psychics and clairvoyants won’t tell you this: “You are in deep thought”, like everyone is in deep thought about something. They will tell it to you this way: “You are in deep thought regarding your job on whether you should change it or keep it”. Now that sounds legitimate and true, yes?

6. They watch your actions and the way you speak intently and closely.  This just means that they are trying to literally read you without having the effort to actually try to reach into the spirit world or use their intuitive abilities.



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