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How to guarantee the success of a new relationship

For a person, to be in a new relationship is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences in this world. Why? Because a new relationship with anyone could mean hope and expectation for good things to happen and it could also intensify and heighten the mystery that pushes a person to dig deeper and learn more about the other person or themselves.


Although, as exciting as it should be, new relationships should be taken slowly but surely and both of the persons involved should first play by the common rules if they want to prolong and strengthen their bond and their relationship and make it worthy to fight for.


Nowadays, most girls and boys, as young as twelve, think that they ought to be in a relationship so they tend to start a new one without even actually knowing what they should consider first and no knowledge in how they could make things work out in the relationship.


Would you want your new relationship to prosper and bloom into something good? Then here are a few things that you have to put in mind in order to do so.


First of all, you can obviously meet up with each other but make sure that you do not do it frequently. Yes, young lovers or new lovers, these couples would wish to be beside their partner’s side all the time, from their waking moment up until the time that they’ll close their eyes for sleep. But remember not to push too far. Yes, it could actually feel great for the first few weeks or months but if you keep it up then eventually one of you will start getting annoyed or irritated with the other because probably he or she demands a lot of time from their partner. Also, if you keep on seeing each other, almost certainly on a daily basis, then your individual tasks could pile up and then you will just realize that you weren’t able to finish your errands, responsibilities and other important engagements because you chose to spend your whole week together doing nothing.


Second, never be too clingy. Awww but I want to spend the whole week with my love **sad**, apparently that is not how it should go and remember that you do not own your partner and neither doe he or she own you. Yes, you are a couple, which means two different individuals who agreed to have a relationship with one another. It doesn’t mean that you merged as one person, doing things together and being at the same place together all the time. Give your partner the time and space that he or she needs in order to grow and develop as a responsible human being. Space is very important in a relationship, especially in new and blossoming relationships, you do not know much about each other yet. Enjoy things and gradually progress from ‘new’ to ‘seasoned’. You can try to go out once or twice a week, this could keep the excitement going on for a long time as there is enough time for your partner to miss you and vice versa.


Third, do not spend too much on your present. Yes, you are in love and yes, it doesn’t matter if you actually spend some of your money to buy that expensive Nike shoes for you boyfriend or that Pandora bracelet for your girlfriend, but this is a new relationship that we are talking about. Save those lavish gifts for your anniversary or when you think that your relationship has grown and blossomed into a mature one and when you are very certain that the person you are with is the one for you. Of course, you can give gifts during your first few months but it is wise to buy something small and inexpensive first. If he or she really loves you then they wouldn’t mind the cheap gifts, yes?


Fourth, do not just go and have sex or push your partner to have sex with you. Especially not on the first date, that is a big no no! Although it is normal to feel so hot and steamy when you are with your partner but take it slow. You do not have to just jump on the bed and have sex as soon as you get the chance. You have to wait until the both of you are ready to do it and there would be no pushing involved. You do not want your partner to think that all you’re after from him or her is sex, yes? Calm down and you will eventually get to the point where it will just happen naturally.


Fifth, accept your partner as to who they really are and their habits. Well, all of us might have had our dream boys and girls way back when we were in high school. You probably have listed things that you would like your girlfriend or boyfriend to have. But in reality, there is a high chance that we do not end up with this dream person, we meet someone different, someone who makes our hearts skip a beat and someone who is probably the exact opposite of our dream boy or girl. When you fall in love, it doesn’t matter what they look like or if they are rich or not or if they singers or dancers or rappers or whatever. It won’t matter. You have to accept the love that you feel, and you have to accept the person whom you felt it with. Love doesn’t need a reason, yes?


Sixth, communicate with each other and actually talk about one another. This is important as new relationships should be taken care of in order to mature and blossom into something wonderful. Know what your partner wants, needs and loves to do and likewise, tell them yours. Explore each other likes and dislikes and work from there. Eventually, you’ll be talking about your dreams, your passions, your fears, your secrets and everything to know about you. Be open and learn to communicate.

New relationships are cute at first, but it will eventually change as time goes by and you spend a long time with somebody. You’ll learn of their secrets, fears and regrets and it is up to you if you will take it positively or if you would rather just let the person go as you feel scared and bothered by how they really are and what their real attitude is. Love is not something that you can force to do. So take your time into knowing one another before doing things that long term couples do.


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