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How To Fully Unleash Your Clairvoyant Powers

Among the different psychic abilities, clairvoyance is perhaps among the  top three most liked, or most intriguing, skills. The term is actually coined from two French words which mean “clear seeing”, and is defined as the ability to predict future events, or see visions, and receive messages from spirits, as well as the souls of the dead, without using the five basic human senses.  This psychic skill can actually be developed and enhanced by anyone. However the quality and level of effectiveness will probably differ, depending on the determination and patience of the individual.  Below are a number of helpful ideas on how to fully unleash your psychic clairvoyant skills.

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of ClairvoyanceUnleash Clairvoyant Powers

According to veteran psychics, the first major step towards fully unleashing your psychic clairvoyance abilities, is by gaining a better understanding of what clairvoyance truly means, and how it works. One of the earliest manifestations or signs of clairvoyance includes having sudden visions of events that have yet to happen, or knowledge of objects or persons. The individual must also understand that if they are truly bent on enhancing this psychic ability, then they should learn to use this to foresee, as well as understand things, and never use them for personal gain and other self-serving interests.

Meditate Regularly

One way for fully developing your psychic clairvoyance skills is through meditating. Meditating helps the budding psychic learn how to tap into their intuition, and use their sixth sense. It also allows them to clear the mind of any negative energies, and to use all positive energy towards harnessing their psychic powers. First, find a place or room at home where you can meditate.  The room must be cozy, comfortable, and far from all noise and distractions. When meditating, sit or squat in a comfortable position, and clear your mind of all clutter and noise. According to veteran psychics, one should meditate at least 30 minutes each day, and allow your thoughts to relax, and run freely.  Through this, you will allow the universe to send messages and visions to your mind.

Practice Visualization

Another method that’s good for budding clairvoyants is the visualization exercise. One nice visualization exercise would be to imagine holding 7 colored balloons.  Next, loosen the colored balloons one by one, and watch, let’s say the blue balloon, go up in the sky.   Next, release the other colored balloons, and watch them as they float aimlessly, then disappear afterward. Visualization is one technique that veteran psychics would like budding clairvoyants to constantly perform, because this can help sharpen their remote viewing and prediction abilities.  

Clairvoyance is now being further studied by more and more scientists, with lots of laboratory tests done on the subject.  This is because many view this psychic skill as the “most crucial” in the psychic stage. As soon as your slowly enhance your clairvoyance skills, you should find it much easier to interpret visions, analyze images and even blurry signs or symbols, as well as easily perceive information from spirits and souls of the departed.  


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