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How To Fully Explain A Tarot Spread

The tarot card can be a very useful tool for self-enhancement and realization.  It can be used to help the individual thresh out the issues and problems he or she faces in life, and it can also provide helpful advice on how to face life's challenges.  But if you don't know the basics of reading an interpreting the tarot, it can be a mind-boggling activity.  The individual first needs to learn the basics of tarot reading and interpretation, by reading related books and literature, as well as by getting sound advice from professional tarot readers.  Once you learn the basics, it would be much easier to customize your own tarot reading session or ritual.  Here are a few helpful hints on how to properly interpret a tarot spread.


Find A Place To Relax And Meditate, Before Shuffling The Cards

One of the best  steps in doing an initial tarot reading is to first allow your mind and body to relax.  If ever you're nervous, or unsure of yourself  during the time you're doing a reading, you may not be able to understand a specific spread.  Before doing a reading, wait until your mind and head clears, so that the tarot will deliver a lot of information and insights, and you'll have the mindset to correctly interpret it as well. The second step would be to choose your tarot deck well.  In doing this, you need to feel a connection with the deck.  For first-time users, the Rider-Waite deck would be the best deck to use because it's clear and concise.  However for experienced tarot users, you can acquire several decks, with each deck for a different type of reading.  


Determine Which Cards Stand Out From The Rest

A conventional tarot deck is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana.  The Major Arcana bear more weight and often stand alone.  The Minor Arcana add different dimensions of meaning to the the main meanings of the Major Arcana.  The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits (Pentacles, Swords, Cups, Wands).  The Wands depict major life events and issues, while the Cups represent emotional matters, Swords depict choices, and the Pentacles depict practical, everyday matters.  Once you've laid the cards down, you need to spot which areas stand out more than the others.  Find out if the cards that stand out are Major or Minor Arcana, since  this may indicate that significant changes could be coming up.  If for example, you see a  lot of Aces, this could denote new beginnings.


Don't Ask the Same Questions Over & Over  

In order to properly interpret a tarot spread, the reader or seeker should not ask the same question over and over.  If ever you keep asking the same questions, you'll likely get a muddled or unclear answer, and your connection to the cards will also degenerate as well. But if you wish to ask the same question again, try waiting a few days before doing so.  The reader also needs to remember that he or she should not make the mistake of assuming that each tarot card will have a stand-alone meaning,  While pulling one card may offer you a bite-size snapshot of an answer, it will certainly not give you the full picture. You need to know that tarot cards are meant to work in tandem, in order for them to create different layers of meaning which would later mold into the bigger picture.

For a person to effectively interpret a tarot spread, it would help  if you write, and keep a journal.  The journal should be your written record of your observations and thoughts, once you do the tarot reading.  By keeping a journal, you'll have a better understanding about the relationship of each cards.  Simply write down your thoughts and feelings, so that you'll be able to fully interpret each tarot spread.


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