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How To Fully Enhance Your Psychic Power?

Learn To Connect With Nature

One of the first steps towards developing your natural psychic skills, is through fully connecting with the natural world.  As each one of us, whether human, animal, plant and other living thing, is connected by this mysterious natural force or energy, we should strengthen our bonds with the world around us.  Try this exercise: As soon as you wake up each morning, close your eyes and feel the cool morning breeze, and try to notice as many sounds, smells and textures, before deciding to open your eyes.  If you are outdoors, take time to relax in a secluded portion of the park or beach, and sit comfortably on the grass or sand, close your eyes, and ease your mind of any worries.  As soon as you continue the exercises on a regular basis, you'll be able to sense an improvement in your awareness level and intuition.


Try Various Meditation Exercises

Meditation is not only good for the mind and soul, but it's also beneficial to your health.  According to health researchers, the people who regularly meditate are known to have better resistance against diseases and infections, as compared to those who worry and dwell on their problems every day.  There are a number of meditation techniques available today, and though there is no right or wrong method for meditating, the important thing is that the person is able to focus his mind, and fully relax. If you constantly practice meditating, you will be able to notice an emergence, or existence of your very own spiritual energy. By connecting with your spiritual self, you will be able to tap into your subconscious, and fully release all your natural psychic abilities.

Keep Tabs On Any Random Feelings Or Thoughts

Another good way for developing psychic abilities, is through paying close attention to any random feeling, idea or emotion that crosses your mind. In order for you to have a detailed record of the random thoughts and emotions that cross your mind, keep a journal handy, so you can write down anything that comes, or crosses your mind. Remember that any thought, no matter how random or unconnected it may sound, can actually be a link to something important,  as soon as you;re able to connect the clues, and piece together a recognizable idea or thought.


And lastly, aspiring psychic should always remember to listen.  The act of listening, according to veteran psychics, the art of listening helps increase a person's psychic awareness. In summary, enhancing your psychic ability requires a lot of meditation, soul-searching, listening and regular practice.  And although the road to becoming a full-pledged psychic is certainly achievable, it will require a lot of patience and determination on your part. 


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