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How to Find Yourself an Honest Psychic

A psychic is a person who possess an intuitive ability or someone who has heightened or strengthened extrasensory perception. Their special psychic abilities allow them to gather and collect useful and significant knowledge and information that could be beneficial for a certain person or their clients. An extrasensory perception, also known as the ESP, allows a psychic to see beyond the unseen, hear beyond the unheard, and know beyond the unknown. It is most commonly known as the “sixth sense” and it is more powerful than an average person’s five basic senses, which are the sense of sight, sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of hearing and sense of taste.


Honesty is one of the most important traits of a psychic. So if you are planning to have and book for a psychic reading, then you have to make sure that your psychic is honest and genuine. This is to avoid fraudulent acts and being tricked by a charlatan or a fake psychic.


You may ask around. Ask you family members, relatives and friends if they know a certain psychic who is genuine and provides good and beneficial readings as they might have met one before or they might have tried having a reading with a really good psychic. You trust these people, so they wouldn’t give you someone that you would regret talking to and booking a reading with.


How would you know if you are talking to a genuine psychic?


First, try to do your research and look at their credentials, website or Facebook page. The clients of the good psychic would definitely leave out good ratings, feedback and spread word that the psychic is legitimate and genuine. Just go online and look for good reviews first before booking yourself for a psychic reading. Same goes if the psychic was referred by a family member, friend or relative as they would never suggest someone who is not good and satisfactory. Likewise, they wouldn’t suggest someone who wasn’t able to satisfy them and give them a genuine reading.


Second, they won’t indulge you with a lot of information about the future, instead, they will give you useful advices, insights and tips that you could use for the betterment and development of your future. Yes, they could see images, symbols and visions related to their clients future but those visions could tell them an accurate idea or thought about the future. Also, a psychic would have to decipher and interpret the message from the images and visions that they see in their heads as these visions does not come in precise images and symbols. According to most psychics, they see mostly blurred visions so there is nothing accurate about it. It all depends on how they interpret and get the message.


Third, a good psychic must pick up something about your current situation and give you good advices as to how you could improve your present-day circumstances to pave your way to a good future. But they must get information about you without asking you personal questions.


Fourth, a genuine psychics would not tell you something about spells and curses and offer to remove, dispel or drive it away from you. Those probably aren’t real and fake psychics would just want to rip you off of money. Also, genuine psychics won’t ask you to buy magic charms, crystals or trinkets that they sell.

You must keep in mind that a genuine and honest psychic does not want anything more than seeing their happy and satisfied clients leave their offices or shops at the end of every reading session.


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