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How To Find Tested Runes Readers

Psychics come in different shapes and sizes.  This means that each psychic differs when it comes to their supernatural or paranormal specializations and skill sets. Some psychics for instance, are good at giving Tarot card readings, while others have the ability to communicate with spirits or souls of dead people. Some psychics on the other hand, have the ability to predict the future, and look at the person’s past. Let’s take a look at what runes psychic readers do, and where to find them 

What Are Runes?

Runes have been used in making psychic readings for centuries. For starters, the word “rune” refers to the ancient “runic” German alphabet, which was predominantly used in Northern Europe during the medieval ages (some believed around 150 AD). Runes have also been used because they were (and still are) believed to possess magical, prophetic meanings. The rune masters of yesterday and today used them to cure illnesses, protect holy rituals, and even for making prophecies.

The Early Beliefs About Runes

In the Middle Ages, as well as early before that, many people believed that runes were a sacred gift to mortals by Odin, the Norse god. This was given by Odin to us after he wounded himself with a spear, and he hung himself after the World Tree (Yggdrasill), for 9 days.  The word “rune” also means “something hidden” or secret, and there were lots of evidence (from archeological findings and manuscripts) that the runes were used for magical, occult practices.  

Where Do The Runes Stones Come From?

According to most divination experts, the rune stones were carved by the early rune masters from either rock, leather or wood. After cutting them into small “stones” that look like the I-Ching of today, they were colored with dyes and other natural ingredients, and were stored in a bag, and then drawn out one by one on a flat surface, where it can easily be read.  Rune psychic readings are often considered as unique, “magical readings.  And while many modern-day Christians frown upon them, and consider them part of the occult, they are still widely believed to be very helpful, especially when it comes to giving a reading regarding life, health, family, and other issues. 

How To Find Runes Readers

According to historians, rune stones casting was a popular divination tool, and it had been used since the 4th Century. And while the practice was temporarily frowned, and oppressed by the early  Christians as they considered it pagan and “evil ‘, runes stone casting today has come back with a vengeance, as it has become a popular fortune telling method. If you want to try runes stone casting, do a little research, by typing “tunes stone psychic readers” on your search engine. You could also visit New Age shops, as well as drop by psychic fairs and exhibits, and inquire from the different psychics participating on whether they know someone who knows runes stone casting.



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