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How To Find Psychic Guidance During These Stressful Times

These are truly stressful times. With mortgages and gas prices soaring, and inflation eating a huge chunk of out budgets, more and more people are either turning to God for answers, or seeking advice from fortune tellers, seers and mediums.  If you’re longing for either a face-to-face consultation with a psychic, or you’d only prefer to connect with them on the telephone or email, here are a number of helpful suggestions on how to find psychic guidance and advice in these trying times.

Ask For Referrals, And Check Their Credentials

One of the best ways for finding the right psychic is by first asking for recommendations from friends, family members, co-workers and even neighbors.  Once you’ve prepared a short list of prospects, list down their telephone numbers or email addresses and fully evaluate their credentials.  While a psychic need not have a university degree or formal schooling, they still need to show some credentials.  They could either show a certificate that they attended a psychic training or coaching session from a veteran psychic, or they could show testimonials and feedback from previous clients.  Referrals and testimonials are two of the best means for determining whether a psychic is real or not.

Determine The Psychic’s rates and Policies

Once you’ve streamlined the list of potential psychics, grill each of them regarding their charges, fees and service policies.  A reputable psychic will certainly put a premium on customer service, hence they’ll do their best to provide customers with an FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions page in their web site, so that customers will know how much they are charging, and how they determine their rates.  And if ever a customer is dissatisfied with a reading, a reputable psychic will not panic, and instead will do all they can to rectify the issue or situation.  

Ask If The Psychic Can Offer A Free Trial

Another way for determining if the psychic is real, is by asking them to offer you a free trial. If the person declines in providing you a free trial, then it would only mean that he/she is hiding something from you. And always remember to only provide the psychic with your basic information. You could give them your full name, birth date, birthplace, hometown, college course or the name of your parents and siblings. If the psychic asks for other stuff lie your credit card number or bank account even if the reading hasn’t started yet, then the guy’s nothing but a plain scam artist.  

One of the best ways for finding the right psychic is by listening to what your instincts tell you.  You might feel strongly drawn to a certain psychic, and you could also feel repelled by another.  Before agreeing to a certain psychic, meditate before your initial session, and listen to what your inner voice tells you. And because good psychic guidance may come from the people that you didn’t expect to give you one, make sure you are always open to receiving advice and guidance from all sources.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


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