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How to Find a Genuine Tarot Card Reader

What is a Tarot Reading?


For everyone’s information, tarot reading is probably one of the most ancient and venerable forms of divination and fortune telling that has ever been invented. It has been existing since the 15th century and it is still being used up until today. The tarot reader would have to use a tarot deck that is composed of seventy eight cards. Usually, people go to tarot card readers to ask and consult about certain aspects in their life, for example, about their love life, careers, family, relationships with other people and their inner selves. The tarot reader will speak to the cards, through their minds using their intuitive and psychic abilities, to gain and gather knowledge and information about the person who seeks guidance from them.


During a tarot card reading, the tarot reader will shuffle the cards and will concentrate on the person sitting in front of them contemplating answers and solutions about the person’s questions and concerns. They will have to be focused and centered on the reading so they could gather the necessary information that their client needs. After shuffling the cards, they will cut the deck in half and commence with the reading by placing and setting out a certain number of cards in front of them. This layout of cards is called a spread. The spread used in a reading depends on what kind of reading the clients ask for. The reading begins and the tarot reader will start spilling words of wisdom, advices and give their clients good insights, enlightenment and awareness of what has been done, what is happening at the moment and what will happen in the future.


Why do people go and get a tarot card reading?


A lot of people think that tarot card readings are readings that could only tell you about what is going to happen in the future. That is a common misconception about tarot card reading. In actuality, a tarot card reading is mostly used to know a lot and be more aware of what is currently happening to you and your life. It could highlight a lot of things in your life and tell you about the wrong things and decisions that you are currently doing and bad influences that are affecting you as of the moment. A tarot card reading may be considered as something that could provide great insights, guidance and understanding about the important matters in your life and most people, nowadays, need and seek good counseling and enlightenment in order to find the right path that they could take that could lead them to success and happiness.


A genuine tarot reading should be able to empower you and to encourage you to move forward and feel positive that you are going to be able to conquer everything that blocks your way.


How would I know if I found a genuine tarot reader?


1. They will give you what you actually paid for. You paid $10? Do not expect for a quality reading then. You paid $150? Then expect that they will give you the reading that you deserve and the guidance that you need, or even more if they’re really good readers.


2. They won’t tell you that you’re cursed and ask for more money so they could take it away from you. No, genuine tarot readers won’t do that.


3. They are professional with regards to how they look and talk. Also, they value their clients’ time and they do not include personal comments, suggestions and judgments in their readings.


4. They only focus on the good things and positive events that could happen in their client’s life. They refrain from saying things about death and illnesses.


5. They will tell you that the future can change and that you can still change your ways, your actions and your way of thinking in order to reach and attain the goal and dream that you have been working for. Nothing is set in stone, as they truly say.


6. They will educate you as to how you can do something or why you have to do a certain thing in order to grow and mature. Good tarot readers are great teachers, counselors and advisors and they sometimes know better than yourself. They will encourage you to achieve the best in you.


7. They will never try to force you to do anything. They are there to give you advices, knowledge and insights but it is up to you if you will believe them or not and if you will follow their advices or not.

8. They will only want what is best for you and all of their clients. They do not really care about the money but it is important to them that they will be able to impart the necessary and relevant knowledge and information that their clients need. They would want you to become the best person that you can be.


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