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How to Enhance Your Inherent Clairvoyant Abilities


Even if the person does not suspect himself to have some form of psychic ability, he or she may have at least once in their lives just “knew something”, or felt that something wasn't right, or you may have known who was calling on the phone before answering it. Even those who claim to have no psychic ability can at least relate to a few incidents where they had a heightened intuition, or gut feeling. According to psychic experts, the average individual only uses a measly 10 percent of his or her brain capacity, which explains why most of us do not sense any inherent psychic skills. Below are a number of techniques on how to enhance or develop your in-born clairvoyant abilities.

Incorporate Meditation In Your Daily Life

One great way for developing your inherent psychic abilities is by meditating, if possible on a daily basis. If you regularly complain that your mind just keeps on “wandering” and you can't focus, here are a number of helpful tips to consider.  For help, you can get books or CD's on meditation, and learn by reading or listening to them regularly.  One of the easiest meditation forms is by going on a silent, 10-minute break. Clear your thoughts of any worries or distractions during this time, and pay attention to your breath.  Next, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and evenly.  You can do this anytime, anywhere, and do not be distracted by any random thoughts. Just make sure you only focus on your breathing.   

Next, breathe in and out slowly, by feeling your lungs expand and fold in your imagination or thoughts. Meditation helps enhance your intuition, and also improves your overall health.  A relaxed heart rate and improved sleeping rate are but a few of the many benefits of breathing heavily and evenly, even if you do it for just 10 minutes per day.

Try Some Clairvoyance Exercises

There are also a number of handy, and easy-to-follow exercises for enhancing your intuition and clairvoyance skills.

The task of unleashing your clairvoyant skills is just like opening the windows during spring, and letting the fresh air and natural light in.  As we all have the capacity to become clairvoyants, the more we meditate and open ourselves up to the possibility of seeing the world in a different light, the better our chances of achieving our goals. 

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