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How To Do Correct Tarot Card Interpretations

Tarot cards offer more than just foretell doom.  They are also used for determining one's fortunes in work, relationships, business, school and more.  Each tarot spread often has a personal value to the person who is seeking insights and wisdom on a certain issue.  However, getting a comprehensive tarot reading will require a deeper understanding of the symbolism of tarot cards, as well as an in-depth search for meaning beneath the obvious.  Here are a few helpful hints on different methods for interpreting tarot cards.  


How To Do An Accurate Tarot Reading

To properly interpret a tarot spread, ensure that you think about the seeker's issue and the spread as a story.  Make sure you consider the meaning of each card, as well as look for patterns which emerge among the cards.  Also make it  a point to strive for accuracy.  For example, when a card emerges with a stronger meaning than the rest of the spread, carefully analyze the card, and ensure that you interpret its meaning within the context of the whole spread.  Sometimes, it can be tempting to interpret a strong card in itself, and disregard the whole spread in the process. This often leads to a completely inaccurate interpretation.

Study The Spreads, And Use Your Intuition

In performing an accurate interpretation of a tarot spread, the reader must first learn the basics of tarot cards, as well as get a complete overview of each of the cards.  Long-standing tarot experts stress that constant study and practice are keys to effective tarot interpretation and insight. The user should also learn to study the different types of spreads, as well as use their intuition to generate a wider meaning from the overall spread.  By doing constant practice, the reader will become more skillful at determining the message of the cards, and in assessing their relationships with one another.  


Analyze The Major and Minor Arcana cards.  

Also make sure you sights on the Major and Minor Arcana cards.  The Major Arcana cards such as the  Sun, Death, the Fool and others, when present in a spread, are often deemed as primary indicators. Although you're still required to interpret the meaning of the whole spread, the Major Arcana cards will offer a powerful value to your interpretation.  Also pay close attention to the details of the issue in the Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards are divided into four suits – Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords.  Remember to remind your seeker that the bigger picture represented by the Major Arcana cards is often brought to light by the details provided by the Minor Arcana.


Of the Minor Arcana cards, the Cups and its element, water, hold great meaning for the issue, as it represents the seeker's relationships and emotional life.  The Swords often indicate conflict and the mind.  The Pentacles, with its element Earth, indicate possessions and the material world.  The Wands represent action that needs to be taken, and movement.

It's also important for the tarot reader to properly analyze reverse cards, as this may  at times reveal confusion, struggle or blockages.  For example, The Fool, which is a Major Arcana card, in reverse may mean blocked possibilities or drained finances.  


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