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How to develop psychic abilities

First, you have to know what a psychic is in order to know how and why you would like to develop such abilities. Psychics are people who use their subconscious mind to predict the future, to get a load of the past, and to communicate with supernatural beings such a deceased soul, spirits, demons and angels. It is safe to assume that we all have psychic abilities; some of us just focused on practicing and enhancing these abilities in order to achieve proficiency in the matter of communicating with paranormal entities and foreseeing the future, and some of us just get an inkling or an intuition about certain people, things, events, situations and spiritual substances but choose to ignore the sensation as we think that it is nonessential and dispensable.

In order to develop psychic abilities, we must be familiar first with the four common types. These are:

  1. Clairvoyance – means “clear seeing”

This is the most common among the intuitive abilities on this list. This is also commonly referred to as the Third Eye. Though clairvoyance does not mean seeing clearly, sometimes it comes off as subtle as just seeing number and symbols in your head. Sometimes when you “see” things, it doesn’t necessarily and literally means just the same as what you saw. You can safely say not to take it so literally, though if you have a strong sense of this ability within you then you can clearly say that “you saw it coming”.


  1. Clairsentience – means “clear feeling”

This is the ability to understand and assimilate emotions, feeling and physical sensations. Clairsentients may find it hard to be hanging and being with a lot of people, just because of the fact that they feel too much and they tend to be overwhelmed with these feelings, making them uneasy and easily burnt out. Have you experienced being melancholic when a friend whom you are with is sad and broken? Have you felt the good energy when one of your family members is feeling excited and giddy about something? This is our inner clairsentience acting up. And sometimes, when you have strong clairsentience abilities, you may feel when someone is lying to you and when someone is feeling unwell or sick.


  1. Clairaudience – means “clear hearing”

We can all hear with our ears, but clairaudients can hear more than what the physical ears can hear. They can hear sounds, music and voices, they can also receive message from spiritual entities and deceased loved ones. There is always like an “inner voice” that guides you on what and what not do, where to go and warns you about danger.


  1. Claircognizance

This refers to knowing something without even knowing the facts and truth behind it. This is like when you feel like doing something crazy without a logical reason but you just think that: “You just know it”. For example, you just know not to go inside a building and eventually it gets bombed.

So now we know the types of psychic abilities, we now go to the part where we hone and develop these skills. Yes, we can unfold our inner psychic, we just have to believe in ourselves and know that we can be proficient at being one.

Here are some of the ways on how we can develop our psychic abilities:

  1. You must learn which among the intuitive abilities you would like to hone. Psychics are known to just practice and live with one of the abilities as the application and practice feeds on the energy, or also known as chakras.  Refer to the list above.


  1. You need to give yourself a lot of time to meditate, 10 – 20 minutes a day would be enough. You need to raise your vibration because the higher the frequency, the more it would be easy to feel and connect with spiritual entities.


  1. Know your spirit guides. You can do this while meditating; you can ask their names and ask them to let you feel them. You have to trust that you can and you will feel something.


  1. Think of random visualizations and focus your mind. You can request aid from your spirit guides, ask them to show you tranquil and calm pictures and sceneries. Just relax and let your mind wander until the images flood your third eye.


  1. Clear your mind by taking a walk and be one with the nature. Long walks among the trees can help you concentrate and focus on clearing your mind and raising your vibration.


  1. You can also read books and online posts about psychic development and spiritual growth.


  1. Try dropping by an antique shop. Antique materials and supplies may have been owned previously by a deceased person, therefore you can test your inner psychic if you can feel anything when you step inside the shop or when you get a hold of an antique item and try to feel sense, hear or visualize something.


  1. Learn how to see auras. Ask someone to stand on a plain wall, and focus on their forehead. Look through their forehead and imagine seeing the clear wall behind their head. You will notice a layer of aura around the person.


  1. One way of activating your clairaudience abilities is to try staying still and listen to the sounds around you. Focus and hear things that you usually neglect. This is a good way to develop your inner hearing.


  1. Write. Write things that you normally need help and advice on. Take notes and connect with your higher self. While writing, allow yourself to be guided by your spirit guides, relax and open your mind.


  1. Reaching out the almighty, by praying, will help you achieve the guidance, support and input that you solemnly need to proceed honing your desired abilities.


  1. Take classes or join a spiritual growth program where you can learn and develop your abilities well enough among other lovely people with the same interest in psychic abilities such as yourself. This will help you with your confidence and your determination to learn more and be one of the best psychics ever.


  1. Remember to maintain your vibration at high. This is one of the major things that you have to keep in mind in order to connect to the spiritual world and develop your psychic abilities because; creating and living a happy and genuine life will make you feel more connected to your higher self and; this will attract more spiritual entities that you can talk to and communicate with.


  1. Start and faithfully fulfill a dream journal. During your learning and your practice to develop your intuitive abilities, you might start obtaining shard and graphic dreams. This would be a nice step towards your goal and it can also be a nice souvenir when you reach the mastery of your long journey to gaining psychic capabilities.

As you see, there are plenty of ways on how you can develop and to make out the inner psychic in you. There are more ways such as trying out tarot cards, practice clairvoyance with your pets, try giving readings to your family and friends, and try interviewing and being close to other mediums or psychics so they can inspire you more to be better and help you with whatever you need. Follow these advices, and allow and open your mind to hearing, sensing, and visualizing the spirits and foresee the future.


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