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How to Develop Clairaudience

There is just one major thing that you should know to develop clairaudience and that is to wake first your psychic ability. But here are things that can help you with the journey.

First thing you should do is meditate.

Meditation helps in a lot of ways. One of which is that it centers the body. When the mind and body are one, it will result to stability that makes a lot of difference when talking about developing clairaudience. Meditation also silences internal noises like unwanted thoughts or emotions. These are the things that will obstruct your inner sense of hearing. You might not notice its importance at first but you will when you have developed clairaudience.

Then after stabilizing your own mind and body, you should concentrate and focus.

You should direct all your energies to your ears. In clairaudience, the inner ears are the ones that do all the work. Focusing enough energy will make you realize and really feel the existence of your inner ears.

When you feel that you are ready to listen to the external noises then do it.

Listen to everything because learning and developing clairaudience starts from this. Start from the physical noises then slowly focus your mind and energy to hear the slightest sound. Being a clairaudient means you can hear noises and sounds that are inaudible but hearing physical noises is the foundation.

Then after the foundation is laid and your ears exercised, what is left to do is practice. Your goal is not to hear the physical noises but the sounds that hold valuable information. Remember to quiet personal noises and focus your energy. You will hear many noises and sounds. These should not distract you from your real purpose. Concentrate and slowly try to make these noises as something of value by really listening.


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