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How To Connect With Respectable Medium Psychics

Among the different psychic abilities, mediums are those who have the ability to communicate with spirits, as well as with the souls of the departed.  They also possess the ability to discern auras, and convey the messages of the departed to their relatives, family members and friends.  If you're currently looking for a medium psychic, but you don't have an idea where to go, or how to determine how good they are, then here are a number of helpful ideas on how to connect with reliable and reputable mediums. 

What Questions Should You Ask A Medium?

If you're meeting with a medium for the very first time, here are three important questions to ask them. 

The first question is “What types of service does the medium provide?”.  Medium psychics today specialise in a wide array of communication with those who've already passed on to the other side.  Some mediums also fall into a trance to help them communicate with spirits, while others ask their customers to provide them with their favorite, or prized piece of jewelry and other objects.

The second question to ask medium psychic is “Can you provide references or referrals? Verify if the potential medium has many references, because this will indicate how long the medium has been in the business, and if he or she already has built a base of satisfied customers.  If the medium cannot show any references or referrals, then you should be wary of them, since they could be hiding something from you, or they could be plain scam artists.

Steer Clear From Fake Mediums

If you've already done your research, and you've listed the potential candidates too, as well as called each one of them, and all of a sudden they ask you for money even if the reading hasn't started yet, then this should ring alarm bells in your head.  Fake or fraudulent medium psychics are often notorious for asking for extra money.  For example, the guy will tell you that they can alter your future for a small “donation” or fee, or they can mix up a special love potion for you.  The truth is, no one is able to change the future, apart from you own free will.  A fake psychic is also likely to tell their customers to come back for further “advice”, usually after three to six months.  The truth is that people don't need to to get a reading  every six months or every year, unless something really dramatic or drastic has happened to them during that period.

Before connecting with a medium psychic, it's important that you have realistic expectations from them. Most professional mediums often have an accuracy range of around 75 to 85 percent or more, but this does not mean that these psychic practitioners are without errors or mistakes.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


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