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How to Compute Numerology on Oneself

Have you tried calculating numerology of what number represents your personality? It is very easy. You yourself can calculate your own birth date and name. Try so can understand your moves and traits. Many people have documented that it is 99 percent true. Even the experts have said that these readings are very true.


It is truly a fact that most people believe in this kind of reading. Numerology is very safe compared to palm readings and tarot readings. It gives you more on positive aspects of a person. It also states some negative points in your personality, but it’s not a threat in your life. In fact, these negatives can let you aware of it so you can develop and change the bad ones.

Sometimes, before a mother gives birth to a baby, she is already calculating his name and will choose the best combination so that the child will grow as a good, successful person. Most people believe that your name is not accidental or just happened to be like that. Your name is destined for you. Your name is your personality. Your birth day is planned to be on that date. You are created perfect and every aspect of you has a meaning.


Numerology is an intelligent reading unlike other readings in your community. It doesn’t include any instrument, or any important thing to be able to know your path number. Tarot readings need cards. Palm readings need practices and only those who have powers or psychic can do that. Horoscopes are based on astrology and movement of stars. Above all this, numerology is the simplest. You can calculate your own number anytime anywhere.

Divination is said to be connected to numerology. It is a tool to be calculated, which works with the use of numbers. It can be applied to know the luck in your life, your predictions, and always your future. These are guides to give you some hints of what character do you have, which can improve your life.


There are many people who study numerology aside from knowing the usual calculation of it. This is fun to be studied compared to other kinds of readings. Many people are also making use of numerology to earn money. They offer different kinds of readings using numbers. Of course it is not the usual one. When you try to visit some places with many kinds of readings, there you will see that numbers can be used in many ways. They can also be a way of earning while giving hopes to people.

Numbers are powerful. Sometimes, you hate numbers but these things can lead your way to a better life. Numbers can also be playful. They are the ones who make you understand a certain situation. It can also make you remember a certain event in your life. Numbers are good symbols to the life of people in the world. They are truly created for a great purpose.


How can you calculate your path number? This is how.

If you want to know the numerology of your name, add the digits that correspond to each letter of your name.

Meanings and Effects

Now you know your path number and your name’s number. For sure this will give you excitement for its meaning. If you get the number 1, this means you are a leader, creative, independent, and determined. Number 2 represents peace lover, gentle, considerate, sensitive, warm, and peaceful. 3 mean that you are sociable, positive, friendly, and optimistic. Number 4 is emotional and a very loyal lover. Five means intellectual, flexible, fun loving, and witty. The loving, compassionate, and superficial is the number 6. Number 7 is spiritual and psychic. 8 is business minded, courageous, and successful. And the last number 9 is a teacher. He is humanitarian, active, and helpful.

There is nothing wrong with believing what you is think is right. Even if it doesn’t really give you the exact result, the important thing is it gives you hope to achieve the goodness in life. When you always want everything to be perfect, you will not enjoy life. Numerology is a belief that gives meanings to things around you without promising to give a hundred percent truthfulness. Live and enjoy life the way it is. Just try to believe.


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