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How To Build A Healthy and Happy Relationship


Love is a many-splendored thing, and it certainly can make the world go around. However, many relationships begin to sour, and often end up breaking apart, because one, or both couples do not know how to nurture the seeds of love, and allow the relationship to blossom and fully strengthen over time. Let's look at a number of innovative ways on how to build a healthy, lasting and truly happy relationship.

Learn To Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

To allow the relationship to blossom, as well as prosper in the long term, couples should learn to give, without expecting anything in return. The main problem with most relationships is that the other party wants more from his or her partner, and yet they could not give or offer anything substantial to the other individual. Romantic partners or spouses should do away with selfishness, or the “me-first” attitude, and instead learn to shower their loved one with more affection and care.

Take Time to Be Together

One of the best ways for strengthening relationships, is for romantic partners and spouses to spend “quality time” together. And when doing this, the couple should remember that it's not about the activity, but the fact that both partners enjoy what they are doing, whether it's just lying in the couch and talking, or spending a lazy afternoon in the beach. And during these very stressful times, where work, business, school and other obligations  eat up a huge chunk of the person's time, couples should learn to schedule, and arrange a time for them to be together.

Compliment, and Listen To Each Other

A relationship should not be a one-way street, especially when it comes to communication. A guy or girl should never cease in complementing his spouse looks, or tell him or her how great their hairdo or dress really is. If a person feels totally ignored by his or her partner, then the relationship could start to sour, and break apart. Lean to appreciate, and when you do, please say it frequently to your partner (if possible). It would also be helpful if couples cultivate the habit of listening to their spouses, because the problem is that some people just listen to themselves, and ignore the other. Make it a habit to listen to what your spouse or partner has to say, before things go terribly out of hand.

Another way for strengthening, and building lasting relationships, is for partners to learn to “create space”.

While it is important for spouses to spend quality time together, it's also equally important for them to build trust,  and sometimes give each other a break.  While “creating space” does not mean you go dating with other people, this should be time for you to do your preferred activities or hobbies. This helps create trust, and will teach couples how to respect their partner's need for a few hours or minutes of valuable personal space.




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