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How to become a psychic

People often wonder if they could also have psychic abilities which they could then use for the benefit of mankind. It goes without saying that most psychics are born with supernatural abilities. However, this is not to say that ordinary people cannot become psychics. This is absolutely possible when you can consider the fact that we all are spiritual beings but over a period of time, the cloak of worldly desires have created a disconnect with them. So to become a psychic, you have to first take a journey deep within yourself, cleanse all negativity in thoughts and emotions, become peaceful and in complete harmony with yourself, the people around you and also the surroundings. So how to awaken the powers that remain dormant within you or in other words how to become a psychic?

1. Study psychic literature

The first and the most important step is to learn as much as you can about the subject of psychics. Study psychic literature, books, magazines and journals. Watch videos, listen to audio tapes. They are freely available in book stores. You can also get them online free of cost from psychic websites. Read the articles by renowned psychics.

2. Join psychic clubs/societies and forums

Several good psychic websites have psychic communities and forums with members consisting of experts, amateurs and newbies. They are generally free to join. You can chat with members, ask questions and share their experiences. You can leave your questions and some experienced members will surely provide the answers.

3. Meditation

While it is good to collect as much knowledge as possible from all available sources, you cannot put it into practice unless you develop the necessary mental and spiritual discipline for it and the best exercise to achieve this goal is meditation. Meditation inculcates the habit of concentration and focus in our efforts to pursue and implement the knowledge of psychics.

4. Practice problem solving and forecasting through visualization and intuition

First, start with yourself. The moment you wake up try to visualize the problems or conflicts that you are going to encounter during the day and try to arrive at meaningful ways to resolve them. Visualize how your boss is going to behave with you in a particular situation and how you will tackle the situation to achieve positive results and strengthen your relationship with him/her. Always be compassionate and at peace. If you are positive, the vibrations will automatically reach others and they will also react accordingly. Once the negativity goes, peace results. Once you are at peace, you will gradually reach the core of your existence and be an ‘awakened person’. With practice, you will soon be able to become receptive to the powers of intuition and clairvoyance.


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