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How to be a Responsible Medium

Mediumship is an ability that’s not afforded to all people. While some have innate mediumship abilities, only a few people are blessed to be given the right to fully harness it. If you think you possess the early signs of mediumship, and you wish to further harness and develop it, below are a few helpful insights on how to become a responsible medium.

How Does Mediumship Manifest Itself?

According to mediumship experts, mediumship does not manifest itself by magic, or plain luck. The early signs of mediumship often manifest themselves in a simple, discreet manner, and the person will not even recognize it at the onset. However, if the person is sensitive to these simple manifestations of mediumship, he or she will be able to strengthen this through study, patience and constant practice.

Mediumship is Fraught with A Lot of Hazards

Mediumship, like other psychic skills, is also fraught with its own set of dangers. Before you decide on becoming a psychic medium, you will need to learn how to spot the impending dangers and road blocks to success.  One of the dangers includes possible control or domination by selfish, arrogant spirits. The aspiring medium should know that not all spirits who passed on from their earthly origins become good.  Some will still harbor selfish, or worse evil desire, and they may wish to exact revenge on any mortal on earth, if only to gratify their selfish desires or wishes. A medium’s safety and well-being lies in arming themselves with the proper knowledge of all the laws of mediumship, in terms of preparation, study, practice and how to be in the right environment.    

Study The Psychic Laws Which Govern The Universe

Another way for aspiring mediums to become responsible ones, is by fully learning the psychic laws which govern the universe. The budding medium must also learn what the appropriate conditions necessary are when sending or receiving messages and inputs from spirits or souls of the dead. The individual must also have a strong, pure character, a steadfast will, and an intense faith in god.  By having these qualities, the person will be able to attract positive energies, loving and caring spirit guides. 

Remove All Doubts and Fears From Your Mind, And Soul

As in all endeavors, if the individual starts to doubt his or her abilities and skills, success could be quite hard to achieve. This also rings true in mediumship. An aspiring medium will truly find it hard to sharpen and use his or her skills, if he/she doubt’s one’ gift, or feels that he/she is not worthy of this special gift.  Success will also not come easy for the budding psychic medium if he or she is not sure whether he/she wants the responsibility.  And if the person arrogantly wishes to push through with their goals of becoming a medium, despite all the doubts and frailties, they will become more prone to becoming controlled or dominated by arrogant, selfish or evil spiritual entities. 

If you want to become a good psychic medium, remember that evil spirits, whatever their forms, affect all types of individuals, whether they are psychics or not.  By learning the fundamental principles and laws of mediumship, the individual will be able to practice the skill safely, and responsibly. And by acting responsibly, the aspiring medium will steer clear of negative influences and spiritual entities, and they will be more than able to help give advice and guidance to people.



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