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How To Be Psychic - Meditate and Connect With Nature

According to long-time fortune tellers,mediums and clairvoyants, each one of us is born with some form of psychic ability.  However, most of us will fail to detect any signs, and many too will fail to harness them because they lack the dedication and faith required to become one.  If you sense that you've got something special in terms of psychic abilities, and you feel like you can do more to harness it to the fullest,  here are a few helpful ideas on how to be psychic.

Balance and MeditationMeditate and Perform Relaxation Exercises

For starters, aspiring psychics need to master the art of meditating, and relaxing.  Meditation is crucial towards becoming a psychic, because psychics are only able to foresee auras, spirits and any other supernatural occurrences, if their mind is at peace,and  not clouded by anxieties or other worldly distractions.  To achieve inner peace, as well as to sharpen your intuition, learn how to meditate properly.  First, find a  peaceful and secluded room or section of the house, and once you're in there, cover the windows with a dark curtain, place a mat on the floor, sit cross-legged, and close your eyes.  Focus your thoughts on a peaceful place – for example, picture yourself sitting on a secluded beach or forest.  Relax your thoughts, do deep breathing exercises, and notice the faintest of sounds, or feel  the breeze of the wind.  These exercises are designed to clear the mind, and allow you to elevate your consciousness to a higher level.

Keep A Written Journal of Your Thoughts Or Visions

As you continue with the meditation and relaxation exercises, make sure you have a notebook and pen ready, so that you can quickly write down any images or visions you see, as well as write down any feelings or emotions that come to your mind.  This written journal will help you evaluate how well you have fared in your meditation regimen, and it will also be an indicator of how well you've improved in clearing your mind of any distractions, and focusing your thoughts on the things you want to.

Read Psychic Books and Related Resources

Where else can you get the best ideas about being a psychic, than from the professionals themselves? The Internet is a rich resource for psychic resources and material.  Log on to a psychic reader's web site, and read about their experiences, as well as find out what divination tools they commonly use.  You can also go to the local library, and borrow books on clairvoyance, numerology, Tarot cards, palmistry, cartomancy and others. If you know someone who operates a New Age shop or Spiritualist church in your community, you can also drop by those venues and talk to professional psychic mediums, and you'll even have the opportunity to observe tarot card readings, or palm reading,  numerology and other psychic demonstrations.  

Becoming a psychic is never an easy one, and like perfecting other skills or specialties, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and faith.  If you constantly sharpen your psychic skills, you will certainly be able to harness them, and soon you'll be ready to help others who are looking for advice and guidance on any life issues, whether romance, work and business, health or family concerns.

Are you truly bent on fully unleashing your psychic potentials?

Well, the good thing is that there are a lot of ways on how to become a full-pledge psychic. For starters, it would help if you learn how to meditate and connect with nature. Here are a couple of helpful tips on how to meditate and attune to the natural world.

What Are The Benefits of Meditation?

According to seasoned psychics, there are a lot of benefits to meditating. First, meditation encourages the individual to switch off their mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, and tap into their creative, intuitive and subconscious mind. Meditation also allows the person to access or perceive information on a deeper level, which is essential to psychic development. Meditation can actually be as simple as resting and relaxing on a sofa or armchair, and listening to your favorite calm or soothing music. If you wish to learn more about meditation, try visiting a psychic bookstore or fair, as well as attend a workshop or conference, and get helpful advice from the experts.

What Are The Different Forms Of Meditation?

There's actually no single criteria or standard form of meditation, because it is something that the individual can modify, and put his or her stamp on. Thus, no two people meditate in the same way, and have the same results. Some people prefer meditating in the afternoon or early evening, while others can meditate anytime they want to. There are different ways for meditating too, with some employing visualization techniques, while others perform simple breathing exercises with their eyes closed.

Determine Your "Sacred Space" For Meditating

To meditate the right way, choose an area in your home , which you would call your "sacred space". The area should be comfortable, and conducive for meditation. In this area, you could choose to place a desk and a lamp, and put a small table wherein you can place a candle, or a talisman, a vase with flowers, or some crystals perhaps. The sacred place should be conducive enough to enable you to relax the mind, body and spirit. Remember that the key to fully unleashing your psychic abilities requires a still mind and body.

How To Connect With A Higher Spiritual Realm, Through Nature

If you wish to become a psychic, you'll need to connect, and perfectly blend, with nature.  You could do this by first looking for an isolated, and relaxing, location. Perhaps, a quiet spot in the public park or beach would suffice, where you can lie down, or squat, and gaze at the sky, or listen to the rustling of the trees, and the chirping of the bees or insects.

The major benefit of meditating, and connecting with nature, is that it helps you connect with your senses, and fully appreciate the true beauty that surrounds you. It also makes you become more at peace with yourself, and with the world around you. Meditation, and connecting with nature, can of course, also speed up the process of becoming psychic.



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