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How to be a psychic

For people who were actually born with psychic abilities because they have psychic ancestors, this would not be a problem anymore as the abilities flow out naturally. They just notice that they can see something that normal people do not see, they can hear things from unknown sources that relay messages to them and they can feel auras and sense if something is not right. All of these things just come off innately.


But if you are not one of these people yet you feel like being a psychic and you would want to discover and elevate your psychic abilities, do not worry as there are ways to develop your own skills from scratch.


First off, try to believe in yourself and think positive that you can actually achieve being a psychic. Yes, it might take a long while before you master a psychic ability but do not let that hinder you. Erase the negative thoughts because that won’t help you to achieve anything. However long it takes, make sure to fill yourself with inspiration and motivation, and make sure to keep learning and learning. Remember, there are also other who were able to hone and sharpen their abilities with just compassion and the will to learning.


Remember to keep in mind that psychic abilities are not meant to personal interests and advantages. Always choose to utilize your abilities for the betterment of the people around you and to help those who are lost and in need. Once you use them for your personal benefit then your spiritual connection tends to wither and stop. The spirits know and choose who to help with their ventures, try to maintain a good relationship with the spirit guides.


Do not be afraid. Developing your abilities means to also develop your connection with otherworldly creatures and beings. You will definitely encounter spirits talking to you and you feel their presence when they are near you. Do not be afraid. It is part of the process and it is normal for psychics to experience it. Also, random and vague memories or information about the past, present and future will come to you when you reach a particular level with your abilities. Don’t push it away. Meditate and stay connected to it.


Another way to help yourself is to try to touch and feel historical things and make sure you get the sensation or feeling that you should get from it. For example, find yourself a really old painting, observe it and touch it. You will eventually feel the history if the painting, its backstory and the reason why it is in front of you at the moment. If your abilities have heightened then you might also be able to feel the owner or the painter’s feelings while he or she was paining it, you’ll get a glimpse of his or her life and know their story. But remember, that while doing this, you must not pressure yourself to feel anything as it will come naturally. Do not think that you are no good of a psychic if you feel nothing. Just move on to another item.


A lot of psychics revealed that broadening and diversifying your imagination will help you be mentally ready for the visions and the insights that you will get when you become a full-blown psychic. But do not just focus on the imagination take note of your dreams and try to decipher what it means.

Every one of us starts small, in one way or another. You just have to know your capabilities and your limitations then start with baby steps. Eventually, you will get there, you will be one of the best psychics that people run to when they need spiritual help and good counseling.


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