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How stable is a capricorn

The Capricorn is a sign of stability, and they are the most serious of all the 12 signs. They are independent and possess a lot of sterling personalities. The Capricorn has a mind of his own. He is independent and confident in his ways. Some of their not so admirable qualities are unemotional and shrewd. However, these same traits also help them succeed in business. They are very reliable workers and persist to achieve the goal he has set for himself. If the Capricorn starts something, he is sure of finish it and this is why he is very reliable.

Capricorn makes very good managers because they set very high standards, including himself. He believes in getting things done perfectly if not close to perfection. And because he is very systematic he perceives things to always follow a methodical process and he consistently and diligently follow them. The dedication to their responsibility in their job also holds true to their dedication to their family or relationship, always putting their interest first before his personal needs. The Capricorn has no problem recognizing the authority, they respect them. Bear in mind that they are a person of order, and that means observing decorum. When the time comes, and the Capricorn is in a position to lead, he will not just as easily listen to others, he expects the same regard from his subordinates as well as colleagues.

The Capricorn can be a bit boring. They are not the sociable sign among the 12 because they show traits of being too reserved and conservative. They value traditions and are not a fan of technology and innovation. He is also humorless and this makes him a bad candidate for dates or companion. The event becomes a lone adventure if you are with a Capricorn. Melancholy, depression and pessimism are the Capricorns best buddies. When things don’t go as planned the Capricorn wallow on self –pity leading to unhealthy bouts of depression resulting to extreme emotions such as ecstatic happiness on the outside but on the inside misery. Professional help is recommended for those who go through this more frequently. Because of this reason, a Capricorn should find time for meditation in order to manage his repressed emotions.

The Capricorn is “capricious” and it’s not because it rhymes it’s due to the fact that Capricorn are prone to mood swings. Sometimes they say the most inappropriate things that it causes discomfort and distress to certain situations. Not that they enjoy doing it, but rather they can be insensitive sometimes and the urge to say or do something is just so strong they can’t help themselves. In their relationships, they are prone to unhappiness because of their uptight persona. What the Capricorn needs is someone who truly understands them unfortunately they seem to attract the wrong kind of people. Often wary about relationships but once married, the Capricorn is a keeper.

The Capricorn is governed by the knees, skin and bones, so they should watch out for health conditions in these areas.


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