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How Spirit Guides Work

Some call them spirit guides. Some call them guardian angels. Whatever name you call them, these unseen beings help you in everything you do. They provide the guidance you need in life to make sure you are on the right path.

You can communicate with your spirit guides pretty much the same way you do with another person. Spirit Guide Reading

You can speak to them out loud; you can focus and make your subconscious communicate with them. You can even write your spirit guide a letter. When you use this technique you will be surprised that the answers to the questions you are asking them will seem to smoothly flow into your mind.

In as much as you can speak to your spirit guides, they too can communicate with you. They grab your attention in a lot of different ways. They may communicate with you in your dreams. Sometimes when you are trying to seek the right answers for a certain issue, the person who may help you the best answers may suddenly just appear from nowhere.

Although your spirit guides are always close by, they will never make decisions for you. They will sometimes give you a nudge or two to show the right path but they always give you the free will to make your own decisions. Your spirit guides will also never offer you any unsolicited advice. You will have to ask them and then they will work for you.

There will be instances when you know your spirit guides are communicating with you but you cannot seem to interpret what they are trying to tell you. When this happens, you can seek a psychic to act as a “go between” between you and your spirit guides. A psychic can get in touch with your spirit guides and relay the messages to you. Sometimes the message the psychic will relay, you already know but you simply just refuse to hear.

Consulting a psychic to relay messages from your spirit guides is a one of the best ways to find solutions to concerns, issues and problems.

If you're wondering why psychics like clairvoyants, mediums or tart card readers can predict the future, or know an object or item's past history, here's why they can do these amazing stuff – it's because they have "spirit guides". Well, what exactly is a spirit guide? A spirit guide is actually an intangible, spiritual being, who are assigned to an individual before he or she was born, to help guide and support them through life. Here's an overview of how spirit guides work.

Who Are These Spirit Guides?

According to long-time psychics, there are different types of spirit guides. Some will stay with the person throughout his or her life, while others just suddenly pop up out of the blue, and give you help in specific aspects, or areas, of your life. Spirit guides also have varying levels of consciousness, with some considered as "highly ascended masters" like Jesus or Buddha, and some are just considered as average spirits who are experts at certain fields. Some spirit guides can have physical incantations, while others are plain intangible. Some spirit guides could just be the psychic or person's deceased friends or relatives and family members.

How Do They Work?

Spirit guides work, or manifest their abilities, in different ways. Some spirit guides have the ability to see what is going on in your life, and some an quickly provide "intuitive" insight. Let's list a few ideas on how they work.

Do you want to connect with your very own spirit guide? Well, the good thing is that you can do that, although it may take a lot of patience, and meditation. To connect with your guide, learn to listen to your intuition (or to that little voice in your head), follow your gut feel or instinct, watch out for signs and messages, and meditate regularly. It would also be very helpful if you keep a journal or written record of the images, voices or visions that suddenly pop out your head. Write what you sense or hear on the journal, as if you're just having a conversation with your spirit guide.


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