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How a Psychic Performs Future Readings

Can the future really be predicted?

Well, yes, and that is the reason why more and more people are flocking to psychics for predictions, guidance and advice on a lot of matters.  Ever since the ancient and medieval periods, some people have been blessed with unique paranormal abilities, and many psychics have risen to fame for their prophecies and pre-cognitive abilities.  Psychics don't just predict the future though.  The also have the ability to see the past, analyze the present, to determine why certain issues or events are happening to a person.  If you're wondering how the psychics are able to predict the future, although not a hundred percent as we often expect, here's a brief look at how they perform future readings.

Where Do Psychics Get The Info?

A medium or psychic usually gets information about a person's future from a higher spirit or entity, and regardless of whether you believe in a higher spiritual being or not, it's certain that psychics get their paranormal skills from some higher source that's often beyond human comprehension.  A psychic often asks a spirit guide, or his higher self for answers. Whenever someone asks a psychic a question, a psychic will contemplate for a while, and will most likely hear voices, see and sense things.  According to psychic researchers, each one of us is connected in a spiritual way, and the psychic is only able to get information as he has the ability to grasp thoughts and other information, as we are all one huge  consciousness collective.

How Does A Psychic Do a Reading?

Before a psychic does a reading, he or she will first wait for the formation or psychic “impressions”, which may often surface as emotions or feelings. Psychics also have the ability to feel or sense emotion.  However some also have the ability to see or hear impressions.  It is believed that psychics are able to see or sense impressions because they know how to fully utilize the right side of the brain, which is often referred to as the visual, creative side.

What Tools Does A Psychic Use For Predicting The Future?

Psychics use a wide array of methods and tools for predicting the past and the future, although many would prefer to specialise on a specific craft or medium.  Among the most popular tools and methods used are tarot cards, rune casting, cartomancy, palmistry and numerology.  Palmistry refers tot he reading of a person's destiny by analyzing the shape and line patterns of the individual's hands.  Palmistry readers stress that the patterns inscribed on a person's hands indicate certain future events. Other psychics also use crystal balls, as concentrating upon the crystals inside the ball clears the medium's mind, and effectively opens his or her psychic faculties. 

While there can be scientific or mathematical justification for why these divination tools work, psychic researchers stress that the tools need an elevated degree of perception and intuition, for them to work. 

The tarot, crystal glass and other tools only serve to act as starting points which help invoke the psychic reader's paranormal powers.

What is a psychic reading, and how is it conducted? Well, for starters, a  psychic reading is generally defined as a "specific attempt" to gain or discern information about a past, present or future event, through the use of enhanced or "heightened" perceptive skills or abilities, which are a higher extension of the basic human senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct. This enables them to sense or perceive information about the person's past, present and future. Let's go further, and discuss how a psychic performs future readings.

Step 1 – Psychic Makes The Client Feel Comfortable

Before a professional psychic reader starts his or her session, they will first make their customers feel comfortable and relaxed. By making the customer feel at ease and relaxed, the psychic will be able to sense the person's aura, and the customer will also feel at ease about discussing even their most sensitive issues or concerns.

Step 2 – The Psychic Begins The Reading With A Prayer

The next in conducting a psychic reading would be saying a prayer. Some psychic readers silently recite a prayer, while others ask the client or subject to join them in the prayer. Next, the psychic will take a moment to relax and quiet his or her mind, and completely focus their mind on any information that may be pertinent to the customer's physical and emotional life. A professional psychic reader will most often see a reading in the same way as stepping on the front door of a new house, with the "house" being their client's life. 

Step 3 – Psychic Asks Customer To Provide Information, and Even Photos or Documents

Before the psychic can go further with the reading, he or she could perhaps ask their client or subject to bring photos, either of themselves or of their friends and family, along with a couple of documents like a letter, or even a business card. Although a credible psychic will not need any extra paperwork to do their task, this will allow the customer to quickly identify and explain their situation. In some cases, clients will come to the psychic and say what they think is the most crucial issue in their life, and yet a different issue will arise, and push its way to the psychic reader. 

Some psychic readers also ask their customers to first write down a list of specific questions that  they would like the psychic to address. However, they should keep the list of questions first in their pockets, or hidden in their bags, and wait until the psychic finishes the reading. The customer too could even ask questions which they've only suddenly thought of. And although the psychic can perceive information about the person's future, he or she will still remind the customer that it is man who plans, but it's God ultimately who "un-plans". An ethical psychic reader will also tell their client that it would still be all up to them to change their future, and the psychic only serves as a guide or counselor. 


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