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How a Pet Psychic Works

If you have pets around in your home, have you been speculating if they can tell what is in your mind? Have you noticed your cat hiding when you are preparing to visit the vet? Have you noticed your dog wagging his tail continuously when you are thinking of taking him to the park for a walk? Both these occurrences have logical explanations. Your pets may have noticed some “give way” actions from you.

Pet psychics or animal communicators have a different explanation for these occurrences.

Pet Psychic ReadingsThey believe your pets were able to realize what you were up to because you were able to communicate with them through telepathy. Pet psychics believe you unknowingly are able to telepathically communicate your pets. Your cat and dog were able to realize what you were planning to do because your mind was able to communicate with them and not because of your “give away” actions.

These telepathic actions can be taken a step further and can be done intentionally. Some pet owners seek the help of pet psychics to transmit and telepathic messages from their pets. Even with just a picture or a description of a pet, psychics are able to establish contact with them.

The conditions pet owners would like to telepathically communicate with their pets include:

  1. The pet got lost and the pet owner wants to find out where it has gone or how to entice it to go home.
  2. The pet is behaving incongruously and the pet owner wants to find the reasons why so it can control it.
  3. The pet is sick or has been extremely injured and the owner wants to know if euthanasia is the best option.
  4. Your pet has passed away and you want to communicate with his spirit.

There are still a lot of people who are skeptical about the idea of humans being able to communicate with animals either telepathically or psychologically. Pet owners who have sought pet psychic readings though claim otherwise.

Our Pet Psychic Carol has experience in dealing with Pet Readings. Please visit Carol's profile for more info.

I have heard of psychics helping people see the past or the future, and of those communicating with spirits and angels. But I've never heard of psychics helping or dealing with pets yet. Well, the good thing is that I have finally learned that a "pet psychic" does exist. Thus, if you have pets at home, you've probably wondered what they know, and what they're thinking of. Here's how pet psychics can help people, and their pets, communicate and live harmoniously.

What Is A Pet Psychic?

In general, a pet psychic is referred to as an "animal communicator" or "animal intuitive". This individual either has the special gift, or claims to, to communicate physically with animals. According to long-time pet psychics, a person communicates with his or her pets all time, in a "telepathic" manner, without them even knowing it. For example, if your cat or dogs gets ready to play, this is because you've already sent them signals using your mind, and not because of your actions.

How Useful Are They?

More and more people flock to pet psychics today, for a wide array of reasons. Some customers communicate with them in person, or through the telephone, and for a reasonable fee, they relay the telepathic messages or visions to and from the pets. The good thing with consulting with the pet psychic is that humans don't even need to bring along their pets to the consultation. In most cases, these gifted individuals use photos or descriptions of the pets, for them to make complete contact. Here are a few of the many useful things about pet psychics.

How Do They Do It?

According to long-time pet psychics, every living thing, and this includes your cute and cuddly pets, have electromagnetic energy which surrounds them, and penetrates throughout the universe. This explains why most expert pet psychics can sense and utilize this energy or aura in animals, so that they can communicate with them, and relay their messages or visions to their human friends or owners. In order to make contact with animals, the psychic first relaxes and calms his or her mind, and uses their minds to sense and contact with the animal's energy. The psychic then visualizes the animal, and telepathically mentions or says its name, to get its full attention. The psychic will then ask the animal a question, which is often done by transmitting a picture. The psychic will then imagine the animal or pet responding, and will patiently wait for a response from it. 

To heal pets or animal who are sick or injured, the psychic often scans the pet's body, for diagnosing health problems. Once the psychic is able to detect an injury or illness, he or she then transmits a healing energy to the affected part of the animal.


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