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How Mediums Psychics Fight Black Magic

There are always two opposing forces in this earth. When there is light, there is darkness. When there is happiness, there is sadness. When there is success, there is a failure. When there is death, there is life. When there is black magic, there are mediums psychics to counteract them. Black magic is often used to hurt other people and other living, and often times, they are used to steal the lives of someone. Thus, it is important for someone to fight the black magic so that it will no longer cause harm and death to someone.

The black magic is represented by a negative energy. This negative energy can cause harm to someone’s aura thus, hurting the person’s physical and even his spiritual self. So, the first step on how mediums psychics fight black magic is to determine where the negative aura is coming from. Knowing the root source of the problem does not only apply to psychics. This concept applies to all problems that everyone is handling may it be a personal problem, or a police investigation. The mediums have the capability to have a clear view of our auras, and they can determine if one’s aura has been hit by a negative force. She can then trace back the negative force from its source.

After knowing the source of the negative aura, they next step that a mediums psychic does to fight back black magic is to block the negative force from attacking once again and destroying someone’s aura. The psychic is very aware how the negative aura can cause damage to someone else’s aura. The aura of the person can be broken if it is being attacked by a very strong negative force or aura and that can cause tremendous damage to the person’s physical and spiritual being. Thus, the medium must be able to block this negative aura from attacking again. If the source of the negative aura observes that someone is blocking his dark magic, or counteracting it, he may hesitate to do attack the person again.

If a person was attacked by a black magic, a recovery is possible if the damage is not severe. If the mediums psychics were able to block the black magic from hitting the person’s aura, that person may have the chance to recover. The person’s aura, after it was attacked by a negative aura, has holes all over it. The psychics can help the person recover by giving him some advices to do. Meditation, and enough rest are the common advices of the psychics to those who are healing their auras.

It requires a great courage and strength in the part of mediums psychics to fight or counteract black magic. Black magic is very powerful as well, and some psychic mediums lack the strength and power to fight them. Fighting black magic does not only require physical strength, but emotional and spiritual strength are what needed the most. Of course, a strong physical body is needed to execute the needed actions to counteract black magic.


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