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How Einstein theory predicts predestined future

Einstein is a genius, according to our dictionary and our history and science books. His theory about how the time bends is being studied and proved by the scientists today and they can only say one thing; that is he is mastermind.

In 195, when Albert Einstein formulated his general theory of relativity, he discovered a new way to delineate gravity. We have heard from Sir Isaac Newton’ research and study that gravity is a force, but as per Einstein, he said that it is not force, it is actually the aftermath of the aberration of space and time, which he called the ‘space-time’ in his theory. He stated that whatever object strains the material of space and time and the larger the object, the bigger the effect.

Imagine a barbell set on a trampoline, it stretches the material causing it to sag, so the planets and the stars distort the space-time, a process called ‘geodetic effect’. When you put a small ball on the trampoline, the tendency is that it will roll towards the barbell.

Hence, the planets revolving around the Sun are not being forced by the Sun but they are actually keeping up with the curved space-time deformation made by the Sun. It is because of the planets’ travelling speed as to why they do not fall into the Sun.

Einstein’s statements also empower matter that it has the power to accelerate or decelerate time and alter the color and semblance of light. Coming from the Earth’s view, light carries on more eminent frequencies and looks bluer than it would if you view it from somewhere in space, and the farther you are from the Earth’s gravitational well, the more depleted the light becomes. This is known to the gravitational redshift.

A quote from Albert Einstein himself: “It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence, instead of, hitherto, the evolution of a three dimensional existence.”  This is how noteworthy physics is and it taught us, that all events in the past and the future are inexplicit in the occurring instance. It is hard to believe it with our own eyes since we are not close to acknowledging anything about our universe and we will always be in question.

Einstein’s theory explicated and comprehended that how much time passes by for a human being calculates on how they journey through space and also with the gravitational field. In psychological terms, the time calculated by atomic clocks would not be as significant as the time calculated by our inner rhythms and the collection of memories. It is best believed that time acts faster when we’re older.

The fourth dimension that was mentioned above was somehow renamed as the ‘block universe’. To further understand what a block universe is, you could imagine a photographer taking successive pictures of one particular place like the park. The series of these photographs that show a mother pushing her baby in a stroller, a young boy playing with his bicycle, a grandmother looking at the flowers, if you protruded these one after the other, you would be able to show a movie through how time seemed to pass, equating to our visceral aspect of the flow of time. However, if you pile the photos on top of the other, you would see the people in the park’s entire trip at the park presented to you, all at once. This is how a block universe would be best explained; this is where the past, the present and the future exist together at the same time. And with this, time means nothing.

What’s fascinating regarding the block universe is that, dissimilar to a television show that runs via serial instances, there is no particular point in time that depicts the ‘now’ – that there is no sign or anything that divides the past and the future. It depends on where two different people are in space-time, they might as well have different perceptions on the length of events and then Einstein understood that subsequently time is just some other dimension in the so-called block universe.

Let’s go back to the park, two people can on whether the bench was on the grandmother’s left or right, it all depends on where they are standing up. They could even argue over the arrangement and the sequence of events that occurred. Another example would be, to person the clock on the tower may strike at exactly 4 P.M. before the mother spills the baby’s milk, but to the other person, it could seem that the clock stroke only after the mother spilled the milk already. These discrepancies and conflicts are established on the speed and direction where the people travel in the block universe.

What someone comprehends as the future is what someone came across as the past and it differs on one person’s location and movement. The future, though still obscure and unidentified, appears to be written already.

And according to Einstein, “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”


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