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How Does Telepathy Work

Telepathy is the ability to understand what is happening at a distant place and time. Through telepathy, you can get to know what a person is thinking or feeling, no matter whether that person is sitting close to you or is hundreds of miles away.

You can visualize how a particular situation developed and what course it will take in the near or distant future. The power of telepathy, thus, helps you to resolve problems, issues and conflicts by picking up vibrations and interpreting what they mean.  

Telepathy is an acknowledged subject of scientific enquiry and there are many people who are researching on it.

Telepathy is basically a psychic or a spiritual ability. It is born out of a highly evolved intuitive and perceptive mind. So, if you want to master the art or science of telepathy, you need to first develop the power of your intuition and foresight. For this, you would first need to do a thorough cleansing, or in other words, do away with the thoughts, perceptions and ideas imposed upon you by your parents, education, environment and society. In other words, you would need to become a clean slate.

This you can do by meditation. Meditation takes you to a journey within so that you can see the clutter and negativity of thoughts and emotions that have cloaked your spiritual legacy. So as a first step, sit in meditation in a quiet place and see all the thoughts that pass through your mind. Gradually you will realize how meaningless they all are. But instead of fighting them, just become detached as if you are a third person witnessing them. Gradually, you will become disconnected with them and they will no longer be able to affect you. As you gradually sink deeper into the meditative state, enlightenment will happen and you will come face to face with your spiritual centre. You can then use your spiritual or psychic powers to bring peace and happiness to the humanity.

Remember that this is easier said than done. The pull and attractions of the world are immense. However, constant practice will ensure that you achieve your goal.


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