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How does psychic vibrations work?

Psychometry is a term used for the ability to read and sense vibrations from an object. It means measuring of the souls as the word originates from the Greek word ‘Psyche’ that means ‘soul’ and ‘Metron’ meaning ‘measure’. Usually, psychometry can be a part of a psychic reading, it is a kind of reading wherein a psychic won’t have to use anything except for their hands and their minds, unlike tarot card reading, angel card reading, crystal gazing and kumalak beads reading. It is believed that you are not a legitimate and authentic psychic if you use such tools; you are called a divination practitioner instead. Authentic clairvoyants may use different tools but they can also opt not to, and their readings should still be as insightful and as meaningful.

Psychic vibrations could also be called as psychic intuitiveness. It is the ability to sense instinctively that something is not right, that a place is somehow dangerous or that something you will do is a little risky or perilous. We all have this ability, though this is not only to sense bad vibrations, we can also sense satisfying and good vibrations which can help us in our daily lives. For example, we feel good and calm inside a holy church or a sacred temple; we get good vibrations and positive energies from the place as it sends out its eternal vibrations. What we feel at the moment that we visit the place are still the vibrations from the past centuries, from the moment that the place had been built up to when the people started going and worshipping in it and up until the day that you went yourself. The vibrations have been charged in every part of its past. Simultaneously, if you visit a public park then you will immediately feel the vibrations of happiness as if the place had been full of laughter and joy throughout its duration.

These vibrations are not something our naked eyes can see, nor something our bare hands can touch but it is as if something is out there, just in front of you, or in the air. It is your psychic intuition that is at work performing its major role which is to guide and protect you.

Most of the psychics, if you ask them, will agree that our thoughts travel and journey outside our mind and body and it gets absorbed in the air, in our environment. It is safe to say that whatever it is that we are sensing or feeling the moment that we go into a certain place, it is the memories and emotions of the people who used to live in that place that gets left behind. That is why there are places that make you feel good, even if it is just your first time arriving and staying at the place and there are places that makes you feel like you want to go and leave straightaway. Psychics are sensitive to these kinds of vibrations and intuitions. So what they do, to restrict the negative vibrations and blocking out such negative thoughts and emotions, is that they offer compassion and sympathy and incorporate it to their own vibrations. When clairvoyants go into a place where an accident occurred, they will instantly see and feel the accident around them, as if they were there during the time that it happened.

Two kinds of energy vibrations:

Low energy vibrations – these feelings may lead your mood to go downhill, feelings such as resentment, sadness, anger, betrayal, depression, anxiety, worry, fear, etc.

High energy vibrations – these feeling may cause your mood to go up, feelings such as love, openness, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, happiness, etc.


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