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How Does Online Counseling Work?

Online counseling is the process of providing interpersonal communications to other individuals using online programming activities such as internet. This process helps the counseling process to be successfully met for the reason that it enhances similar psychological interventions that can be delivered by a psychologist. Online counseling is available when a client does not have a time to personally approach counselors by going to their office for personal consultation. In the busy world of professionals, online is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to acquire facilities such as medical services that can be provided by online counselors. In this case, there would be no hassles when it comes to time because online is already standing right next to you right at your table or anywhere you want to be. It shelters the comfort of having a versatile environment of your choice while communicating with the counselor. Online counseling is now rapidly growing for the reason that it is highly reachable to individuals that are having a hard time to be counseled. Moreover, online counseling is considered as a new trend because in the industrial world, we all need services with the comfort of our home.

One of the most important services that can be provided by online counseling is the cognitive-behavioral theory which is a psychotherapy theory which is aimed to synthesize and to solve individual’s situation for being overweight which is a predisposing factor for her to harbor health risks such as being obese and having diabetes. In addition, this is a psychotherapy that also aims to decrease the level of an individual’s anxiety level after knowing all about their present condition of illness just recently in which was not aware that they are already having this kind of health risks and illnesses. Using cognitive-behavioral therapy is a way to designate individual’s approach to become more aware of their psychological practices such as eating habits as well as the pattern of keeping healthy lifestyle in a healthy condition that will keep away to prevent condition to become worse. Moreover, it is a combination of behavioral approach and cognitive strategy that is more effective for clients online not only to develop their attitude but also to help their thinking ability to decide in a more effective way to improve their health.

There are online risks that can be associated with online counseling. Fraud is the most utilized offense created by hackers and online criminals just to gain profit from any transactions that can be turned into money making activity. The risk of privacy of individuals will be exploited for the fact that online counseling can be heard and watched by anonymous viewers that are trying to steal information to fulfill their personal greed. Another will be all about bullying, which allows users to take away files of clients in order to publish it online without the consent of both counselors and clients. There are also rampant fake online counselors that don’t have the license to operate as a legal counsel online or psychologists because they only aim to exploit others just for financial determination.


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