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How do online and live tarot card readings work?

A live tarot card reading could work either by a designed and organized system or by email.


Through the designed and organized system, you would have to create your own personal. You could then choose a deck of online tarot cards that you will be using, put in your questions, choose a spread that you think will be appropriate for your reading and then choose your cards from the deck. You can then begin the reading, you could either read your own fortune or select a live reader from the list on that same website where you registered.


If you choose to have a live reader, they will be notified as soon as you do and they will conduct the reading for you. The online live reader would have to read and answer all your queries in a certain time frame, say thirty minutes to one hour, include everything that they have seen or read on the cards in the system that you used and then send it back to you once done. Once the thread has started, you could continue asking your questions and they will respond and answer back as quickly as they can.


Through emails, certain psychic websites will have to provide you with their contact for so you can contact an available psychic via email. Once you have finished and submitted a form, a psychic will contact you via email and you can then discuss the type of reading that you would want to have, how long you will be able to exchange emails with them, the payment and your questions. The exchange of email goes until the time that you have been talked about and paid for, ran out.


Which one is better then? Live reading or email readings?


Well, it really depends on the client and their personal preference as to what kind of reading they will be paying for. Some clients are more comfortable with chat readings, and others are more okay with email readings.


In live chat readings, it will be like you are talking to someone online, like a friend, and they will be able to chat to you for as long as you desire. It is just like a personal and face-to-face reading, not just upfront but via a chat box.


In online email readings, it will take more time as emails do not work as conveniently as a chat room. Also, this would require longer requires so expect a longer time of waiting for the psychic’s response to you questions. This could be the perfect reading for people who do not mind waiting and for those who have other things to do than just chat with a psychic.


Also, if you are not confident enough and if you easily feel embarrassed and shy asking awkward and uncomfortable questions, online psychic readings, either via chat or email, would be best for you. Some people just can’t talk straight and be open enough during personal and face-to-face readings and some may choke during phone call readings as they might also not be comfortable directly speaking to a psychic. That is why email readings were made.

Another thing, email readings are much cheaper than phone call readings and personal readings, so a lot of people also like it. They could save a little of their money and still get the reading that they have been wanting. Of course, one should be a little cautious in choosing an online psychic as there are many fakes and frauds all over the internet. You might want to make sure that you get the reading that you paid for.


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