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How do mediums communicate with spirits

We all know that mediums are the ones who would help us communicate with a deceased loved one or a lost spirit. It is not a new idea that spiritual entities exist and that they are open to communicating with the living human beings on earth. Mediumship is the practice of interceding and initiating communication between the spirits and the living. It is a process where a human allows himself/herself to be an instrument used by the spirits to:

  1. Cause a spiritual activity to take place

  2. Channel energies

  3. Present information

It became known during the 19th century, during the rise of spiritualism.

In order for a mediumship to occur, there must be a human-channel or a medium and/or a spirit communicator/operator.

A spirit communicator is a spirit who verbally and visually uses a medium to communicate and a spirit operator is a spirit who uses a medium to manipulate energies.

There are several way used to communicate with the spirits of the dead, these are:

  1. Mental mediumship

This method uses telepathy as its main action to talk to the spirits. The medium ‘hears’, ‘sees’, and ‘feels’ the messages passed from the dead to the living through their minds and without using their five physical senses. It occurs in the mediums’ mind and must relay the message or information through their mouth.


  1. Trance mediumship

This is also considered as mental mediumship, though if they experience deep trance, the medium needs and assistant to write down all the messages and information passed by the spirit as they would not be able to remember anything once they get back from their altered state.


  1. Physical mediumship

Manipulation of the energy can be associated with this mediumship, this involves the incorporation of materialized objects, or the usage of body parts such as the legs, hands and feet. Usually this is performed inside a dark room, with the use of levitation tables and spirit cabinets.


  1. Direct voice

This often means that the spirits speak independently of the medium, which facilitates the phenomenon rather than produces it.


  1. Channeling

This method allows the spirit to take-over the body for a little while in order to communicate with the living. This means that the medium leaves their body and lets the spirit use it to deliver its message and talks using their voice. While on trance, the intonation and rhythm of the voice may change.

Some people also use the Ouija board, it is usually aboard with number and letters written on it and this allows the spirit to take over the hand of whoever is trying to communicate with them. Another method is the EVP, or the Electronic Voice Phenomena, it allows the spirit to manipulate an electronic device to be able to register a message.

A medium must open their mind and their awareness in order to get connected to a spirit and convey thought with clarity. The medium may get basic information on whether the spirit that they get connected to is a male or a female; they can copy the mannerisms and stature of the deceased spirit; they can gather information on why or how the spirit has died; and they can feel how the spirit felt while on the verge of dying. It depends on the connection, but as long as the medium’s mind is open and aware, their ‘signal’ would be clear and precise.

Mediums should surrender to the thought of communicating with the spirit in order to gather clear data and facts and they should try not to interfere with the spirit. Mediums usually just let it flow for a smooth rapport with the spirit.


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