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How do clairvoyants see the future?

Clairvoyance is a French term that means “clear seeing” or “clear vision” and this ability is basically something that allows a person, the clairvoyant, to see images, colors, pictures, symbols and visions in their head through the use of their third eyes or their sixth sense. The sixth sense allows the clairvoyants to perceive intuitive knowledge and information about certain people, places and things that could not be recognized and distinguished by an ordinary person’s five basic senses, which are the sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch and sense of hearing.


The reason why clairvoyants can see such knowledge and information is basically because their third eyes are open and their extrasensory perception was developed at at early stage which allows them to gather and accumulate the information that no ordinary person could receive for themselves.


Can clairvoyants actually see the future?


Well, clairvoyants can receive intuitive information about the future but it comes in as vague, blurry and faint in their heads. The visions are not like the movies and shows on the Television screen that shows a clear and precise plot and story of the future, but rather, they are just like small clues and tiny hints that could tell you about what the future holds for you.


Also, the interpretation and understanding of such images and visions could depend on the ability of the psychic or clairvoyant. The more experienced and knowledgeable the clairvoyant is, the better the understanding and the explanation of the visions would be.


That is why it is very important that you go to a trusted, experienced and genuine psychic for a psychic reading so that you get more realistic and authentic readings than from those who have just started developing their sixth sense.


So yes, clairvoyants can perceive information about the future, but as clients, you should not expect a lot if you are going to ask about the future. You must know that the future can change as it is not set in stone. Everything depends on what you are doing today and with the decisions and choices that you will make at this very moment in time.


So, if not about the future, what is a clairvoyant reading for?


This is a good question as it could give the readers a more valuable reason as to why they would have to go and get themselves a reading. If not about the future, a person can always go to a clairvoyant for advices and guidance in life. Yes, clairvoyants can see knowledge and information about your past and present time as well and sometimes, you would need a little validation and support about the things that are happening at the present time.


Why do you need validation? Aren’t you aware of the things that are happening right now and about the decisions that you are making as of the moment? It is not that, sometimes, we get so caught up in the moment and we tend to look farther than were we are today and we forget that what we do, where we are and who we are at the moment matters to what we will do, where we will be and who we will become in the future.

That is why, what we do today is important. Clairvoyants can help us identify the current problems at hand and they could suggest a practical solution and advice that we could follow in order to straighten our paths and be on the right track in life. A clairvoyant reading could help us attain and achieve the goals and dreams that we have for ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we should depend on what the clairvoyant say though, sometimes, we just have to hear different sides and opinions of other people in order to clear our own mind and to come up with the best decision for ourselves.


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