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How Aura Reading is Best Achieved

In psychic readings, aura reading is best achieved under certain conditions. When the environment is not that peaceful, the psychic reader may still be able to read your aura, but it is not as clear as when the environment is very peaceful and calming. Aura reading is taken as similar to meditation, thus a peaceful environment is indeed needed. Listed below are the conditions where aura reading is best achieved.

Right Place

In psychic readings where aura reading is involved, the best place should be selected for this reading session. A quiet, peaceful, and calming environment is needed. There should be no distractions in the place while the aura reading is in session. When it comes to the surroundings, the aura of the person can be clearly seen when the background is plane. Expert aura readers can still clearly read the person’s aura even if the background is not plane for as long as the environment is peaceful and quiet.

Aura Psychic ReadingLighting

Proper lighting is also needed in aura sessions. The lighting inside the room where the aura session will take place should not be too dark or too bright. Each psychic reader has her own light preference where she can see the aura surrounding the person clearly. Some would prefer colored lights while others prefer normal light. Either way, for as long as the aura can be clearly seen, it would not matter to them. But, they would not prefer too bright or too dark lighting.


Meditation is common in all psychic readings including aura readings. When the environment is peaceful, quiet and calm, and the lighting is just fine, the psychic reader can meditate easily. While in meditation, and there are no distractions in the environment, the psychic can then see your aura. To get an accurate reading of your aura, focus is needed. Sometimes, the aura is constantly changing depending on the client's moods, so the psychic reader must focus what aura is dominate in us.

Our aura is represented by several colors having different meanings. After seeing our aura, the psychic will interpret it according to its color. There are different meanings to the variations and shades of the colors as well, so the psychic reader must clearly identify what shade is it. In general, our body is also surrounded by seven layers of auric field. The spiritual layer of our aura is the most important of all because this layer is what concerns the psychic reader the most. The other six layers are also important but the spiritual layer is the main core of our aura.
In readings, the psychic will be able to clearly see these layers of aura and identify them from one another if she is in deep meditation and focus. And, deep meditation and focus can be only achieved if the place and the lighting are perfect. Even if the place is quiet but the lighting does not suit the preference of the psychic, perfect meditation will not be fully achieved.

Psychics are perhaps very gifted individuals, because they are able to connect with their subconscious, and connect with a higher spiritual or supernatural realm.

Psychics are a diverse lot, with some experts at clairvoyance, while others are good at conducting tarot card readings, and some can communicate with spirits and souls. There are psychics too who are very good at doing "aura" readings. Here's a brief overview on how an aura reading is best achieved.

What Exactly Is An Aura?

According to experts of psychic phenomena, an "aura" is an energy field which is believed to surround or envelope each and every living thing, from human beings to plants, insects and animals. Most often, the aura manifests or is seen as layers of color which encircle the subject.

How You Can Be An Aura Reader

If you wish to become an aura reader, you certainly could become one, although you need to remember that becoming one takes a lot of practice, and patience. While some individuals are born with the ability or skill, it's possible for anyone to learn it. Here are a number of helpful tips and techniques to follow:

When learning how to do aura reading,  learn to be patient, because when your first see an aura, it will most likely disappear the moment you blink your eyes. Remember that it takes a lot of patience and practice to hold your focus steady. Also make sure that you note down or record anything that you sense or see. You could do this by drawing a body outline, and then shading it with colors. And with the help of an expert reader, you should learn what the colors and shades mean. In time, you will already be able to sharpen and tune your intuition, so you can easily interpret auras by yourself.



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