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Horoscope, Tarot: A Peek Into Our Subconscious Mind

Many people today continue to be intrigued by reading horoscopes, and getting their fortunes read by a Tarot card reader.  The reason for this is because many people seek answers and predictions as to what the future holds for them.  Today, you'll find horoscopes everywhere- from newspapers, magazines, and comic books to the Worldwide Web.  Here's how the horoscope and tarot can enable us to take a peek at our subconscious mind.


What's In A Horoscope?

In the science of astrology, a horoscope serves a lot of purposes.  It can offer predictions and suggestions on several topics, from love, career, money, health, success and more.  A horoscope basically is a diagram or chart that graphically represents the positions of celestial bodies such as the moon, sun, the planets and other sensitive inter-planetary angles at the time of an event, such as the birth of a person.  The word is actually derived from the Greek term “horoskopi”, which means “markers of the hour”. Some of the more commonly-used terms for the horoscope include star chart, celestial map, astrological chart and more.


The Symbolism, And Power of Tarot Cards

To the uninformed, Tarot cards may look like the stuff you see on a graphic novel or Gothic art show. However, these cards offer more than just mystical, or surreal meanings and definitions.  A Tarot card can actually elicit a powerful response from an individual, even if he or she knows nothing about Tarot interpretation or history. If performed by a professional tarot expert, the cards can act as mirrors, which enable the individual to see, as well as understand, the hidden depths of his or her soul.  


How To Have a Meaningful Tarot Card Experience

If you already know the basics of tarot cards, here are a number of suggested steps for having a meaningful card reading experience.  First, relax your thoughts and sit quietly.  Next, shuffle the cards and fan them face down like a rainbow arch..Third, imagine yourself spread across the rainbow arch, and imagine your feet at one end, and your hands and head at the other end.  Fourth, slowly close your eyes and try to feel where in your body you feel  a greater sense of self, and then draw the card from that chosen position.


Alternatively, you can also choose to fan the Tarot cards up-face, and get or draw the one which seems to call, or attract you.  Once you draw out the chosen card, quietly look at it, and allow your mind to wander freely.  Ask yourself, what did you notice about the card, and which  symbols strongly attract you? If there are images of people in the card, try to analyze what they're doing, or look at the symbolism of their actions.

For the uninterested, the tarot cards may look rather benign.  However once you know the history of the cards, and you are familiar with interpreting them as well, these can fill a spectrum of needs, from  being used as a simple hobby, to being a powerful medium for exploring the inner chambers of the mind and soul.  


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