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Helpful Hints on How to Evaluate Honest Psychics

Psychics have always been a staple of human civilisation.  People often come to them for guidance on a wide array of life issues, and some go to them to get predictions on what will happen in the future, while others would like to be given a chance to communicate with long-departed friends, relatives and family members.  The sad thing though is that the psychic industry is also rife with con artists and fraudsters.  Before you get robbed of your precious money, here are some helpful hints on how to determine honest psychics.

Honest Psychics Tell You The Good, And Bad News

In finding out whether the psychic is real or not, here's the first of many tell-tale signs to watch out for.  First, a reputable psychic will tell his or her customer both the good and bad news.  They will never leave out any disparaging or worrisome details, and give you nothing but good news, because their main job is to offer guidance, and to warn their customers of any negative eventuality in the future. 

Honest Psychics Do Not Give False Hopes

A reputable psychic will also never give his customers any false hopes.  They will never tell you that you're going to win the lottery next week, or that you'll finally grab the cutest girl in the office as your girlfriend.  Most often, those who shower their customers with false hopes and misleading information have only one thing in mind- rip their customers off their money.  An honest psychic will also not ask for other unrelated information from you.  They will only be asking for your name, birth date or birthplace, or the name of your mother and father.

Honest Psychics Do Not Sow Fear In The Hearts Of Their Clients

A real psychic will also not scare his customers by telling them that they're haunted by evil spirits, or that they're cursed.  A reputable psychic also will not sow fear in his client's mind by telling them they're going to die in an accident or from a dreadful disease. If ever the psychic uses the fear factor when doing a reading, he or she is just using fear to manipulate the customer, and achieve his sinister goals.

Fake Psychics Hate Being Tested

Another thing about fake psychics is that they really don't like being tested.  For example, if you try asking them additional questions to the main issue  you just fired ago, they will either show signs of losing interest, or they'll provide you with off-the-mark answers.  Many of these fake psychics are also good at performing cold readings.  A cold reading is actually one where the individual asks too many questions, in the hopes of fishing out a sensible, or believable answer to their customers.  If you sense that the psychic is not receptive to you asking follow-up questions, then slowly walk away from them, and never pay them a  single cent.

Before heading off to see a psychic, make sure you wear only casual clothes, and leave the fancy earrings and other jewelry at home, as this could give the psychic an excuse to rip you off.  Remember that real psychics will truly be able to connect with your aura or energy, regardless of how you look, or what you're wearing.


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