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Helpful Daily Psychic Protection Ideas

The world around us is a very vibrant one, and it's also a constantly-changing environment.   And while majority of us suffer from stress and other worldly distractions or issue,  few people have this special ability to stay calm, and interact with others without absorbing any negative vibrations or feelings, or get overwhelmed by the many problems of daily living.   Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to protect your inner self from bad vibrations and negative influences, through effective psychic protection.  

Grounding and Earthing

One of the best psychic protection weapons is called grounding.  Although the term may sound complex, it's actually no different from an appliance having a wire connected to the electricity outlet.  As humans, plants, animals and other living things are naturally connected to the planet, this mysterious link sometimes gets forgotten, or it can get clogged up too. The clogging or severing of this mysterious natural link with the earth can bring forth a host  of negative benefits to the person's inner self and psyche.  One of the easiest ways for grounding yourself is to stand on grass or on the earth itself, barefoot,deep breathing, and slowly raise your hands above the head.  With your fingers extended, slowly lower your hands downwards.  This exercise is great for draining away any negative energy in the body.

When should you Earth yourself?

Another effective grounding/earthing exercise would be to keep a living plant with two dark crystals on it, inside your home or office. Gently touch the plant, and close your eyes.  This process is referred to by psychics as the “Greening” process.  Professional psychics suggest that you need to earth yourself every time you feel stressed-out, anxious or lack the ability to concentrate. If possible, try going for a leisurely walk by your lonesome, and feel the cool breeze of the wind, as well as hear the chirping of the birds and the bees.  Allow these natural sounds and images to dwell in your head, and replace any negative thoughts or impressions. You could also try walking across grassland, or on the beach, or do a leisurely trek up a hill, to make the reconnection or grounding process much easier.  

How to Centre yourself

Another effective psychic protection measure is called “centring”.  Centring usually takes place after grounding, and is an effective psychic protection tool, especially if you're constantly getting impressions from a  lot of sources, and especially during the times you feel drained of positive energy.  Centring helps the individual to retain peace of mind, as well as to maintain the ability to cope with stress and other emotional or physiological issues.  A good centring exercise would be to hold your arms by your side, and slowly visualise on eradicating all the negative energies leaving your body. 

Other effective psychic protection tools include using protective colours to your everyday apparel.  You can also use protective symbols such as the Cross, the Shield, and other geometric symbols like the Star of David.


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